Halloween Costumes for Men

If it has come to that time of year again, then you probably have been invited to a Halloween party (or just fancy doing some 'Trick or Treating') and as a result  you are now probably trying to think of good, yet simple and cheap Halloween Costume ideas for a guy. 

Well this article is going to provide you with a few quality Halloween costume ideas to choose from! The Halloween outfits will be for men, original, aren't over the top, aren't going to be leaving you pocketless, and let you be accepted by the rest of Halloween gang (not like the guy who comes dressed as Mario or a Pirate, and won't be dubbed the guy who doesn't make an effort by just wearing a suit, who states they have come as someone from Men in Black).

The Classic Yet Simple Vampire Halloween Costume

This is probably the most infamous Halloween costume around, and so people are certainly not going to be questioning what you are, and whether you fit into the Halloween crowd. If you execute the Vampire costume right, you can do it on the cheap and make it look great!

So how to go about carrying out the Vampire Costume well?

To get this costume done right, there are some obviously fundamental factors that need to be accounted for e.g. dark colored clothes, pale white skin, bit of fake blood from the face if needs be. But the absolute essential is Vampire Teeth!

Another thing to note is that there are likely to be other vampire men, but to add a bit of humor and originality to your costume you have a whole range of possibilities available to you. For example you could wear the controversial 'I Love Buffy' T-Shirt or enter with the classic Edward Cullen hair cut. 

The Standard Werewolf Outfit

Again, another great addition to the simple Halloween costume ideas that was built for men, well you don't get too many female werewolfs hanging about (aka shewolfs, really they would be a truly terrifying prospect!).

To get this done properly, I think it is pretty much a given that you are going to have to buy a mask, there are some really good ones for a good price on Amazon. Then it really is up to you for the rest, depending how far you want to go... you could for the werewolf gloves, the werewolf feet and mix it in with the TeenWolf theme giving you the excuse to still wear your normal clothing. If you are really feeling it. although not cheap you could for the 'Complete Killer Werewolf' costume they have on Amazon.

The Iconic Zombie and Undead Costume

The Zombie (undead) costume can be one of the best looking and simplest halloween costume ideas to carry out.

You can either purchase a mask (check below for the 'Scary Mask' concept - again some really great ones online if you have a look)  or you can buy the make up and do it yourself, however I suggest the former, especially if you aren't gifted in the face paint department.

Then for the rest of the outfit all you need to is just get hold of some old clothes or ones that you might be able to buy from charity shops or in the sales, that you will basically just need to rip and dirty up.

The Easy Halloween 'Scary Mask' Concept

One of the easiest, scariest and cheapest Halloween costume ideas around. The process as to getting ready is a rather easy one, you have a quick on look on sites such as Amazon and eBay with a fairly simple search with a term like 'scary masks'.

Instantly you are provided with hundreds of unique masks that are original and some are actually pretty scary, with a range from demented clowns to horrifying Aliens. Well at least someone is taking Halloween seriously? As for the rest of your clothing either make it dark or somewhat related to your mask. Job done!

Pick Your Halloween Costume Idea Right from the Horror Films

You really do have some great Halloween costumes ideas to choose from already to check out your favorite scary movies.

Here is a little list of simple Halloween costume ideas for men from the films:

  • 'Ghost face' from the Scream films
  • 'Jigsaw Puppet Mask' or the 'Pig Head' from the Saw films
  • 'Leatherface' from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
  • 'Terminator Head' from The Terminator
  • 'Predator Helmet' from Predator
  • 'Joker' from Batman: The Dark Knight 
  • 'Venom' from Spiderman