There are many really cheap and unique Nintendo gifts for kids, adults, and just about anyone that enjoys video gaming.  While you might not be able to afford a DS, Wii, or one of the newest consoles or personal gaming devices, you probably can get one of these affordable presents within your budget.  In the list, there are several options you have several Nintendo gift ideas for fans that will sure to be a hit.


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Retro Consoles

The younger generation hasn’t seen the old handheld Nintendo devices and consoles.  Do you remember the 64 or NES?  The younger generation does not.  Most view these as a relic and not a collector item, so you can buy the consoles and old games really cheap, sometimes under 15 dollars for a complete system with a few games.  Same goes for the handhelds.  Do you remember the old Game Boy?  Your kids probably don’t.  They will view them as unique.  Even if they only have a handful of games to use, you can bet they will take the time to play them.

Refurbished Consoles

You can buy a cheap refurbished Wii console in a number of different places, often for less than $100.  These are reconditioned to work as good as new, but are used in nature.  When a console or handheld device has a defect, they recondition it and sell them for less.  You will find the pricing more affordable, so it is a good option to keep in mind.  You will still often get a warranty with your purchase.

Used Games

There are tons of used game stores out there.  Kids these days are well aware of them and have most likely been to them to make purchases.  This is one of the only areas where a child won’t think any less of you for giving them a used item.  Used video games for Nintendo lovers are a great option and they will appreciate getting a newer release, a hot game, or other item they normally couldn’t afford.  If your budget is really tight, you can find all kinds of used Nintendo games under 5 dollars.

Points Cards

This is the gaming equivalent to a gift certificate.  You can buy Wii points or Nintendo DSI points for the hard to buy for person at Christmas or for a birthday.  You can buy WiiWare and virtual console titles with them, so they will get put to good use.  The sizing varies, but you can find them under 20 dollars for 2,000 points.   If they love video games, kids, men, and others are sure to love them.


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Clearance Games

Just about every retail store in the world has a clearance bin with all the cheap Nintendo games you can imagine.  Some sort them by price, making it easy to find gifts under 10 dollars.  You will find a lot of fun games in these bins that kids and adults will like.  Don’t assume that if it is in the discount bin it isn’t any good.  Just make sure you aren’t buying a duplicate first.  You’ll find a lot of titles for young kids, some with classic and popular characters, so they will likely be a great Christmas present to consider.

Nintendo Elite Status Gifts

If you are a gamer yourself, you might qualify for free rewards from Nintendo.  These can be gifted to others that might not achieve the same level of prizes.  This is the cheapest way to go, since they are given out free to members.  If you have a low budget, this is a good way to provide a little better holiday season to a young child.

Related Toys

If the gamer in your life needs to spend a little time away from the screen, why not consider a unique toys or board game that’s Nintendo themed?  You will find just about anything you can imagine, in almost any price you can afford.  From plush toys, to action figures, to key chains, to board games, they are all available.   You will find all kinds of cheap and unique Nintendo gifts to fit your budget.

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