There are several travel gift basket ideas which you might want to use to put together a nice care package for someone going on a vacation or holiday.  You can make them very unique, personal, or just plan practical.  It’s really all up to you.

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Consider a Premade Travel Gift Basket

You might want to put together your own, but it might be much easier and sometimes even cheaper to buy one that’s already made and ready to go.  Since you can buy them online and save a trip to the store, they are definitely much more convenient.  Just take a look around and see what you can find out there for sale.  You just might find it to be a more economical and practical option.  With all the choices you will find, you’re sure to find one that’s well-suited.

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Things to Include in a Vacation Gift Basket

You might want to choose a vacation theme for a specific area, or you just might want to put together a hodgepodge type of basket and include some of the following items as you put it together.  Just pick and choose which ones you would like to include, so you can tailor it to suit the needs of the recipients and also stay within your budget for the present.

Beach Towels:  Perfect for anyone who is going somewhere with the intent of lying on the beach and soaking up some sun.  You can include them in the basket and they will fill it up pretty well, making it look nice and full.  It’s a very practical idea to include and it’s likely to get used if they are heading to a tropical area or the beach.

Maps:  If you need to put together a very cheap travel gift basket, you can even get the maps free online and print them out.  With a little time and effort, you could easily put together a makeshift road atlas and map of the area where your friend intends to visit for holiday.  It will take some time to put together, but it will also be a very nice touch and more personal.

Tour Guides:  You’ll find all kinds of brochures free online.  If you need to make one for under $20 or even for under $10, this is a really good option to keep in mind.  You can search for tourism guides to specific locations and download them and print them off free of charge.  They just might come in quite handy.

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Lists of Top Attractions:  A nice list of some of the top attractions, along with some of the lesser-known ones, just might give the people doing the traveling some additional ideas of places to see and things to do on their vacation.  Between this, the tour guides, and the maps, you can actually put together very nice and unique, yet practical travel gift basket for free.

Instant Coffee:  Since many people find themselves on the run when traveling, some instant coffee might be a very nice little touch.  Add some sugar packets as well to make it complete.

Toiletries:  Many hotels don’t provide toiletries like they once did.  Simply go to the store and pick some up and include them in the care package you put together.  You just might find the recipient really appreciates the practicality of the present.

Sunscreen/Bug Spray:  Depending on where they are going for holiday, sunscreen or bug spray might be a very appropriate item to add, and one which could easily be forgotten by any traveler.  This makes it a very practical item to include and one which would actually get used.

Appropriate Clothing or Accessories:  If going to a warm climate, things like a very lightweight shirts, sunglasses, or other summer items might be appropriate.  If going to a cold climate, hats, mitten, or even earmuffs might be a good option.

Gift Certificates:  You can take a look online at where the people are going on vacation and buy gift cards for local retailers or restaurants.  It’s a good thing to include and it’s one which is quite practical and sure to actually get used.

Reading Material:  During the times of transportation, having something to read can help to pass the time.  Magazines or even crossword puzzles might make a really nice addition to the vacation care package you put together.

OTC Meds:  If flying, perhaps something for motion sickness could be added to the package.  In addition, there’s nothing worse than traveling and having a terrible headache.  If you don’t have anything to take, it could be hours before you are able to get some relief.  By including a few items like this, you can help to make sure the holiday isn’t ruined from basic illness.

Disposable Camera:  This might be a good option to include in the package.  Since many people like taking pictures, but often forget their cameras, it’s one item that is likely to be well appreciated.

Neat Containers for Travel Gift Baskets

Suitcase:  This would make a really nice container for the care package, especially if you know the person might need a new suitcase.  It would make the container a part of the package and not just a useless addition.

Carryon Bag:  Like a suitcase, this would make a very good container for a vacation gift basket and you can find carryon bags pretty cheap these days.  Just take a look and see what’s out there, but be sure it conforms to airline regulations.

Laundry Bag:  It could come in quite handy at the hotel for keeping the dirty clothes separated from the clean clothes.  It’s quite practical and would definitely make a very unique container, one which they have likely never seen before.

Toiletries Bag:  You can get this right at the stores where you buy the travel sized toiletries and they aren’t expensive at all.  They make a nice container option to keep in mind as you shop around for the items to put inside.