wedding favors

Wedding favors are a small gift that you send home with your guests after they attend your wedding. Usually these are waiting for guest on their table at the reception. Couples who are planning a wedding often overlook the wedding favors. With all the stress of planning the wedding it is easy to look over something so small and traditional.

As the wedding approaches, couples will remember wedding favors and scramble to get them ready before the big date approaches.

Before we get to wedding favor ideas, let us first discuss a little history lesson because there is nothing wrong with learning a little something. Wedding favors have unknown origins but have seemingly been around forever. They became very popular in France and Italy centuries ago. Aristocrats would give small boxes of fine metals to their guest to take home.

Weddings were seen as a lucky time for people, so by giving their guests this small box, they would be symbolically sending some of their luck with their guests. The boxes were often filled with delicacies like almonds or sugar confections for the guest to enjoy when they returned home.

Today people see wedding favors as a way to remember your wedding, no more and no less. It is sad how the symbolism of wedding favors has died over the ages, really. I still like to think I am taking a little luck with me when I leave a wedding though.


Like from our history lesson, you can always send your guests home with candy. You do not have to be fancy and get them a small crystal box filled with candy, though. An affordable substitute is to get a small satin or silk bag and leave it on their spot at the reception table. After all the toasts are done, tell your guests they are free to got to a candy table that you have set up and fill their bags.

This is an affordable and tasty option.

Plus if you are so busy smoozing guests to get any dinner, you can always help yourself to the candy.

Pictures Of The Bride And Groom

Wedding favors are meant to be something that your guests can take home and remember your special day forever. So why not give them a picture of the bride and the groom. A picture from a fun time in their life, posed outside, or even by a professional studio.

Pictures are not too expensive and you do not even have to spend huge money on frames for all those pictures. Just tap into your inner scrapbooker and glue some fun colored paper around the edges to make it look fancy.

With todays amazing printers, you can even take the picture with your digital camera and print out as many copies as you need on a glossy thick paper.

Customized Matchbooks

If you happen to know a lot of smokers, this wedding favor will go over well. If you happen to have a lot of children guests attending, perhaps not. Matchbooks are a fun and useful wedding favor. I have always been a fan of wedding favors that would be somehow useful to me.

However, again, I must remind you to not leave these at children's' seats. They can be a hazard for their parents or your reception hall.

Matchbooks, though, are incredibly affordable to buy in mass. You can get them for a few cents apiece. So if you have a lot of guests attending and are trying to scrimp on your budget, these are a fine option.

Personalized Candy / Mint Tins

These are a much better option than matchbooks if you have a lot of children attending your reception. These little candy tins can be filled with little candies or mints and have a nice little message about your wedding on the top.

Little tins are always useful for your wedding guests. They are something they will no doubt find a use for and keep forever long after the mints are gone. Everytime they go to get a pin or thumb tack, they will think of your wedding. Though your wedding guest might think you are telling them their breath stinks by giving them mints! But you can have fun joking about that later.

champagne bubbles


If you are a 'kill two birds with one stone' sort of person, you can always give them bubbles. Bubbles are a popular alternative to bird seed or rice to throw at the couple as they leave the church. The bubbles can also double as your wedding favor.

Whether you just want to use the bubbles you provide your guests at the church, or give them more bubbles to play with at the reception. Good times will be had by all. Especially children and adults who still think they are children. Bubbles are also a very cheap alternative too, mere cents for a bottle of them.

If you want to see a bunch of adults get really happy then really sad, buy bubbles that look like little champagne bottles. Hopefully they will not drink them, but for a brief second, they will think you gave them tiny champagne for a wedding favor.

You can give small bottles of champagne, but it is by no means a cheap option.

Bouncy Balls

No matter how old you are, you are never too old to get the intended fun out of a bouncy ball. You can buy tons of them for a very low price as well. Though there might be a small danger of one escaping on the your dance floor and wrecking havoc, but it is still a fun idea. You do not have to customize the bouncy ball either, though you can if you want, merely place it in a customized sack or place a card with it.

Chances are though, most people will have lost your bouncy ball wedding favor before your first married year is out. Whether they lost it trying to bounce it over the wedding reception halls' room or their couch at home mysteriously ate it, good time will be had by all.