Are you looking for a cheap tablet PC but you do not know where to find one? Everybody nowadays owns a tablet device, but the question is, which one is the best for a smaller budget? Apple launched its might iPad and the tablet PC market exploded. Every manufacturer is competing with Apple. Google, one of the great giants, produces new software, a new operating system called Android. The good news is that there are cheap android tablets for sale on the market. You just have to keep an eye out and know where to look.

A cheap android tablet is not easy to find when there's the iPad which, with wifi included, costs $499. The iPad's worst enemy, which rises to the challenge, is celebrating its release nowadays and its price is expectedly lower than the iPad, although this article was written before Samsung Galaxy TAB Tablet was launched. Galaxy runs on an Android operating system, and is the best Android tablet out there to date, but expect more to be announced at IFA Berlin 2010.

cheap android tabletHowever, cheap android tablets are to be found at Kmart. That is right, no matter how unusual it may sound. The ordinary American citizen can buy their own cheap tablet from Kmart, at a modest price of $150. This cheap android tablet is named Augen GenTouch. It has a 7 inches screen and it has a 800 x 480 pixel display. The internal memory supports 2 GB of data, while the external SD slots allow an extra maximum of 16 GB. It has rechargeable Lithium batteries and a carrying bag included. The technical specifications announce an 800 Mhz CPU running on a 256 MB of DDR2 Ram.

This gadget, like all respectable tablets, has wifi connectivity and it is supposed to be able to fully browse the web. In the recreational section, it supports the main formats: in case of e-books, it reads common Text format, PDF, E-PUB, HTML. In matters of media, it is "listening to" MP3, WMA, FLAC and AAC.

Cheap android tablets are a rare and risky found. Because of the price tag, you might get a no-name or not-a-fancy-brand device, which could come without the technical support offered by Apple, DELL or Samsung. It's your choice when it comes to how much money you want to spend, but sometimes it could be a good idea to spend more and get better quality stuff, and in this case, gadgets.