Looking for ways to decorate your bedroom for a discount? Trying to figure out what the best discount furniture is? Below is a guide to great cheap bedroom furniture.

Large floor pillows

Large floor pillows are great to use to accent your bedroom. They will cost you anywhere from $15 to $40 each, but they will go a long way to decorating your bedroom. Instead of buying the fancy leather bedroom chair or sofa for $1000, go for 2 or 3 large floor pillows. You can put them strategically around the room in different corners. Set them up in the corner to convert that area to a reading area. Or, throw a few in one area of your room to make it the place for you to relax. Whatever your preference, large floor pillows are cheap and very versatile.

Simple floor length mirror

Instead of buying the gigantic mirror that reaches from head to toe and has nice carvings on the edges, look for a simple floor length mirror that has a stand in the back. Ikea and Target have a few of these. This mirror will allow the room to look bigger, give you a good place to look at your outfits, and strategically placed, will give your bedroom some character.

Simple tables and magazine holder in place of a nightstand

At garage sales or in discount stores, look for simple tables that can be converted to your nightstand. Instead of going with one with a drawer use a more simple table with no drawers and add a magazine rack or holder underneath for your books and magazines. The table is a great place for you to put your jewelry and glasses at night as well as a lamp, but will save you money since you won't be buying one with a drawer. Sometimes, adding a drawer to that table will double the price of a nightstand. A magazine rack underneath is one fifth the cost of adding the drawer, if not less.

Futon and futon mattress

If you don't want to splurge on a bedroom set or even a bed with mattress, look for a futon and futon mattress. The futon is a great way for you to get a sofa and bed in one, especially if your bedroom is used for multiple purposes. Futon mattresses are still very comfortable, but will allow you to save money on the box spring underneath. Also, the futon frame can be chic, but versatile so you won't have to buy a large bedroom set.

Enlarge pictures and buy your own frame

To decorate your bedroom, take photos of people or places that you love and enlarge them. At CostCo, a 12x18 or 11x14 enlargement of a photo is only $3.00. Get your photos enlarged, buy a cheaper frame to put them in, and hang a few up in your bedroom. This will add color and personality to a simple bedroom.


A group of candles is a great way to decorate without splurging. Buy the candles from any store. Find a simple white plate to put them on, and put 2-3 on a plate. This simple way to decorate will spruce up any bedroom.