Cheap gardening advice - plants and seeds

Following on from "Free or cheap garden plants" I thought it only fair to offer a little more gardening advice for those on a strict budget.

More ways for getting free or cheap plants and seeds.

Sharing seeds

If you have just one friend who shares your common interest in gardening, then you can easily reduce your seed sowing costs by sharing packets. Have a quick chat about what you are wishing to sow, then buy half each and swap. Common seeds usually have more than one gardener would want in a packet for a season, so splitting the quantity is not going to tug at your heartstrings. Exotic and rare seeds are of course more expensive, so splitting the deal on these is also an option well worth considering. This sharing method is beneficial on cost but also a great way of determining under which conditions specific plants grow best as the chances are your gardens and planting areas are exactly the same. You can treat it as a kind of controlled experiment and see what thrives best where.

Saving seeds

Buying seeds direct is certainly the cheapest option for planting but another piece of gardening advice is to save your own seeds for next year. Be sure to label each seed type so you know what you're planting where next time. (I will add another post shortly on how to successfully save seeds). Next year you'll not only have ample seeds for sowing, but you can also swap them with friends and neighbours for ones that you don't already have, saving you the expense of buying any at all!

Join a Gardening group

Where better to get great gardening advice than amongst a group of keen gardeners? Like minded lovers of the great outdoors will be more than willing to also offer cuttings, seeds and will probably know of great wholesalers or nurseries that were unbeknown to you. Plus, any vegetable gardeners within the group will more than likely occasionally offer you some of their home grown yummy produce.

Take cuttings

Take cuttings of plants you wish to have more off. If friends or neighbours have plants you like the look of, then just ask them for a clipping. Take note though, that for many plants and bushes, there is a good, perfect and wrong time to do so - so check online or in your gardening book first, just so you enjoy a successful taking.

The best gardening advice is basically to share and by doing so, others will too, giving you more and more plants for free!