Easter for me is a small family event that comes once a year. We all get together for Easter lunch or dinner and often exchange gifts. Nobody wants to spend a ton of money on gifts because it is just a small holiday. Besides, in this economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money. After all, a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Anyway, I'm sure by this point you are wondering what my cheap gift ideas for Easter are.

First of all, the classic chocolates, such as chocolate bunnies, and Reece's peanut butter eggs. There are also delicious alternatives to the chocolate bunny, such as my favorite, the ones with peanut butter inside them. You can find all kinds of amazing Easter chocolates for under $10 or even under $5.

Next, you can either make decorated eggs or you can buy fake, plastic eggs. Decorated eggs are easy to make and extremely cheap. All you have to do is buy a dozen eggs and either an egg decorating kit or just some dye. Then, boil the eggs and dye them all different colors. You can also use rubber bands to create designs on the eggs. If you keep these in the fridge, they are excellent for anyone that likes hard-boiled eggs. Also, the fake plastic eggs are hollow and you can put all kinds of things in them as gifts, such as Hershey's kisses.

Finally, you can get your friends and family stuffed animals. Any stuffed animal makes a good, cheap gift, but since this is easter you may want to go for a small stuffed bunny. Stuffed animals are very affordable, you can find them in dozens of stores for under $10. 

So, now you have a few ideas for cheap and affordable gifts this easter. Everyone loves sweets. Also, eggs and bunnies are the epitome of Easter and make the perfect Easter gift. I hope you enjoy these ideas and have are able to find some great gifts that are inexpensive, but still something your friends and family members will enjoy.