Cheap iPod accessories are the way to go if you are on a tight budget after buying an expensive iPod device. From accessories you can keep in your car to iPod accessories you can wear on your arm, there's a cheap iPod accessory for every purpose.

iPod Charger

The iPod charger kit comes with a wall charger for in-home use and a car charger you can plug into your cigarette lighter. It also includes a handy retractable USB extension cord that fits in tiny places and extends around tightly arranged objects – like around your USB port which your backpack and laptop are currently sitting in front of.

The charger can hook right into a wall outlet, but me, being paranoid about lightning storms and electronic equipment, put it on an individual surge protector and then plug it into the wall to keep it extra safe.

iPod Exercise Arm Band

One of my favorite cheap iPod accessories is the iPod exercise arm band. It straps around your arm and adjusts to just the right size on your bicep. A thin plastic screen covers your iPod or iPod touch so you never have to worry about scratching it during your workout.

This cheap iPod accessory is a must for anyone serious about exercising with music all the time and doesn't trust the old put-it-in-the-pocket-of-your-gym-shorts trick.

iPod Screen Protector

Ipod touch and iPhone devices require extra care, so why not protect your baby with a screen protector? These often come in packs of three for only $0.99, so you can't say they're too expensive – especially considering the cost of your device in the first place. Consider it an investment in extending the life of your iPod.

Plus, it's "washable." Which basically means you can rub the screen protector with a lightly damp paper towel or cloth to remove sticky, fingerprints and dust.

iPod Gel Case

I always feel like the iPod touch is about to slip out of my hand. Well, not since I got this bright neon green iPod touch gel case. I can grab onto it, put it in my pocket or my purse without worrying about dropping it when I take it out.

Also one of the best cheap iPod accessories, this gel case came with an arm band and a screen protector. I don't use the arm band though, because the gel case isn't stiff enough not to rip if you're relying on a Velcro strap to keep it attached to your arm. Opt for the exercise arm band instead of using the Velcro strap.