Finding an iPod Touch For Under 100 Dollars

If you are looking to get a cheap iPod touch under $100, note that firstly you have come to the right place, and secondly that it ain’t going to be perfect -- it will be an older generation (possibly around the 4th gen) model, it won’t offer a whole lot of memory (8gb usually, possibly 16gb) and lastly it will likely be either a used iPod touch or refurbished iPod touch. This being said, for under 100 dollars you will still be getting a quality device that works & operates just as well as a new one (more or less incorporating the same features & apps).

This account aims to act as a sort of ‘guide’ offering you advice on where to buy a cheap iPod touch as well as ‘how to buy one’, keeping you safe from any possible defected models and dodgy sellers. The iPod touches featured in the elements throughout the article can all be purchased second hand for less than 100 hundred dollars ( the prices displayed are for when they retail ‘brand new’) and you know that the place you are buying from them can be completely trusted (especially if you take on the advice below).

So there are basically (in my mind & experience) two places where you are ‘fully protected’  when purchasing online from third party retailers (who are basically companies & individuals who fix and trade in iPods and the like) and that is (as they offer you the A-to-Z guarantee of $2,500) and eBay (guaranteeing you 100% protection). This guide will refer specifically to buying iPod touches from Amazon, but pretty much all the advice is transferable to buying on eBay too -- I’d basically advise you to go with whichever site you trust & feel more comfortable from buying (and for me that’s Amazon).

Once you are on Amazon, apply the following search filters (from the categories tab) -- electronics, portable audio & video, mp3 players & accessories, mp3 players, iPod store, iPod Touch, and set the price range $0 - $100 - and then you will come across a whole range of different generations, memory size and coloured iPod touches (remember to ignore the original listing price -- as this is when they are bought new -- instead look at the secondary used & refurbished price listings). You will see that you can get an iPod touch for even less than a $100, potentially even under $70 or under $50. Bear in mind though, because they are third party sellers -- prices will vary from time to time, as they are a one time, one unit deal.

So from here you need to decide what iPod touch version you are after, remember to consider their generation (e.g. 2nd gen, doesn’t offer the same exact features as 3rd gen and so on), the memory capacity (obviously the larger the memory, the more songs, apps you can have), battery life and so on.

Then after you have selected the model you want e.g. iPod Touch, 8 GB, 2 Gen -- you need to go on to inspect the sellers, you can do this through the link (on the right hand side) where it states: available from these sellers or underneath the product details where it states 87 used from $70 and 7 refurbished from $94. Once you go through to the third party seller page, you will face a fair bit of information -- let’s break this down step by step.

Firstly, inspect the seller information, let’s be sure they are reputable -- you will be able to see their rating and I apply the following filters -- where anything less than 90% positive I tend to avoid & I also want to see at least 250 ratings & reviews. Moreover, be sure that you also check i) their shipping & packaging info, ii) where they are shipping it from, iii) return policy iv) and what other items they have for sale i.e are they a similar type (other iPods, MP3 players & Apple products).

Then check the condition of the iPod, it is usually either in ‘acceptable’, ‘good’, ‘very good’, ‘like new’ or ‘refurbished’ along with some detailed descriptions stating what is wrong with it (e.g. a lot of scratches), what is missing, what comes with it etc. they sometimes include photos of the iPod touch as well.

If you are happy with the above two aspects (and price of course) it is time to get in contact with the seller (by sending a quick email, just go on to the seller profile & then there is a link on the bottom right with ‘contact us’), before purchase, and this is done for two reasons: i) to find out more about the iPod and ii) to confirm they are a reputable seller -- as the quicker and more informed the answer is to your questions, the more likely they are that they can be trusted.

So ask questions like: can you provide more photos, where is the damage exactly located (screen, back, side), is the battery charge in good shape, will you provide a USB charge lead, does it come in the original box, what is the warranty placed on the iPod touch, how old is it, further details of their returns policy (of course all in a polite manner), has it been fully tested & reset etc. Ask as many questions as you deem fit -- but the really reliable sellers, will have provided all that information already for you. Then once they have responded and you are happy with their answers & all of the above you are good to buy (and remember worst comes to worst, you are backed by Amazon for a full refund).

Finally, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the guide on how to buy a cheap iPod touch under $100 or are wanting any further specific advice in regards to the procedure above, then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.