Across all countries, surgeons and doctors have noticed a spike in the number of patients requesting for liposuction. Whether it is liposuction on the thighs, liposuction on tummy or other areas of the body, there is generally a rise in the number of people opting for this method to slim and contour the body. The new found fame of liposuction is however worrying many surgeons, doctors and parents. For one, parents are worried about the safety of liposuction and whether it is suitable for their child. Although the legal age to undergo cosmetic surgery in most countries is 18, there are many underage teenagers who engage the help of illegal doctors or medical students to help them perform corrective surgery on them. They scout for these surgeons though the internet that often has advertisements hawking for cheap liposuction in UK, or affordable liposuction or simply just cheap liposuction.

Efforts have been made to clamp down on these errant doctors and surgeons but it is often hard to filter the blacks from the whites. What can be done to minimize these incidents would be the proper education of these teenagers.

More often than not, teenagers who undergo or wish to undergo liposuction are those that are plagued with weight issues. They see liposuction as a way of helping them lose the excess, unwanted fats to achieve a slimmer body. There are also some who are obsessed with looking skinny and makes use of liposuction to eliminate any excess unwanted fat deposits that are not removed along with their dieting efforts.

It should be made known to them that liposuction is not a way to lose weight and definitely not a long term solution to a trim body. The best way to lose weight is through a proper, balanced diet together with a regular exercise regime. The best channels to communicate to them is through school talks, regular publications in magazines and of course parents need to play a role in not only getting the message through, they also need to assist their child in losing weight. Encourage them to go for regular exercises and also plan a proper diet for them. Ensure that they consume healthy food that is also packed with nutrients that is needed for their growth.

Cheap liposuction may be hard to resist but with the proper education of teenagers, it would help them to stand firm.