Those who are looking for good net books with affordable price of almost 200 dollars or below are now not to be worried much because of the availability of some cheap yet efficient net books in market. These mini versions of laptops are not rare to buy nowadays like before. In quality and performance they cannot compete with the expensive notebooks or net books or high priced laptops as cheap net books do not have a powerful processors like the expensive models. The mini net books are not thought to be used for playing games or watching movies because of its smaller size of screen, limited function of the processors or the absence of graphics card in the system. These are highly recommended for students for computing tasks or net surfing but not actually ideal for heavy jobs.


Net Books under $200

Net books can be bought after a thorough research of the market. Surfing web or doing basic tasks are the main purpose of buying a net book. The small size makes it portable and easy to carry. The net books that are available within the price range of below $200 can be second hand models or refurbished net books. These models can offer a desirable configuration that were hardly available even a few years back at such a low price. But with the advancement of technology computer makers are providing more and more upgraded models in cheaper cost. Though the advent of tablet pc’s have lowered down the demand of net books still due to its high price most of the people prefer having net books for basic functions to tablet pc’s among which Apple ipad is the most popular till now.

Some of the best selling net books at 200$ or below are listed here:


  • Compaq 100C
  1. 10.1 inches screen
  2. 160 GB hard disk
  3. 1GB DDR2 RAM
  4. 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N280 processor
  5.  Windows XP Home


  • Dell Inspiron Mini
  1. 8.9 inches screen
  2. 1 GB DDR2 RAM
  3. 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor
  4. 4GB Flash based storage
  5. Linux or Windows XP Home



  • Samsung N120
  1. 10.1 inches screen
  2. 60 GB Hard Disk
  3. 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor
  4. 1 GB DDR2 RAM
  5. Webcam and Wi-Fi connectivity
  6. Windows XP Home1


  • Asus 1000HE
  1. 10.1 inches sreen
  2. 160 GB Hard Disk
  3. 1 GB DDR2 RAM
  4. 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N280 processor
  5. Windows XP Home                                                                                                     
cheap note books

These are some of the examples of cheaper net books showing almost same configuration within this price limit. These purchases should be made with best deals and during sales discount period. During holiday season it is the best idea to buy these models at lower price. Before going to purchase one you should keep in mind certain aspects for getting better result and utility such as:



RAM stands for Random Access Memory that enables your net book to perform multi tasks functions at the same time and going back and forth to any program without overloading your machine. It remembers all the programs you run.The recommended minimum RAM for net books is 1GB. Most of net books within $200 are equipped with 1 GB RAM but sometimes you can find a net book with 2GB RAM also. It is best to buy a system with upgradeable RAM therefore. It allows you to switch to different tasks at a time smoothly.

Hard Drive is called the long term memory of your computer. If you have lots of works to be stored you really need to find a higher and longer memory storage. In some cases you may face problems to save all the files and programs due to limited memory and delete some of them after prioritizing other ones because of the low disk space. So you should opt for maximum memory slot to carry maximum files and tasks. Generally a hard drive of 160GB or more than that can be found at your budget of $200 or around though it depends on the brand you are going to choose.



As net books are smaller in size the power is packed in the small frame too. A high quality or power consuming work cannot be done in the net book. Similarly games are also not expected to be played in your system especially when you talk about cheaper models but among these some powerful systems offer you the advantage of playing videos or music too. Most of the net books at this price level are seen to possess Intel Atom N270 or N 280 processor. The minimum requirement is 1.66 GHz to be suitable enough.



As you know the net books are portable and to be carried wherever you go it must get the maximum battery life to support your system when you do not find any power outlet to recharge your machine.If you buy a system with short battery life you may lose your task in the middle of it when the battery goes out. Therefore try to choose one that provides you the required battery support according to your need.