When shopping for cheap rock climbing shoes one must be careful to make sure to get climbing shoes with a low cost that still have all of the necessary features and safe grip that is needed for rock climbing.  The shoe is one of the most important pieces of rock climbing gear and needs to have a flexible sole to allow for one to get a good grip on the climbing surface, allow for gripping of rocks and placing the foot into small holes, nooks and crannies in order to move upward and reach the goal safely without slipping or losing one’s grip. 

Buying Rock Climbing Gear

One should purchase climbing shoes with a very snug fit; the general rule of thumb is to get a shoe that is one size down from the normal shoes the climber wears.  When looking at retailers that carry rock climbing gear one can consider cheap rock climbing shoes provided they are well-rated by those who have tried them in the past.  Often the best climbing shoes or even the best rock climbing equipment is not the most expensive, but is instead the best fit for an individual’s needs and fit and taste level.  For example many will find the best rock climbing shoes for them to be ones with a Velcro closure while others will prefer a pair of lace up climbing boots.  Whether one is rock climbing indoors or outdoors rock climbing shoes or rock climbing boots are most often a matter of personal taste.  Rock climbing equipment that is reasonably priced is easy to find if one does a bit of online research.  Two cheap rock climbing shoes include:

Mad Rock Men’s Phoenix Lace Crack Climber

Cheap rock climbing shoes for men

This cheap rock climbing shoe has a very thick but flexible rubber sole and has leather uppers.  It is often a favorite of those with a wider foot or who prefers a wider toe area that is less pointed. It is a good shoe for the climbing wall as well as for crack and crevice prone outdoor areas.  The price is low enough to make it affordable.  The shoe is resoleable meaning that once the leather upper has molded to the foot and fits like a glove should the sole wear over repeated and lengthy use one can simply choose to have a new sole with a great grip added to replace the worn one. Even though it is a cheap rock climbing shoe, the Mad Rock offers a good quality shoe that will allow one to safely scale walls and other surfaces.

Five Ten Women’s Fox Climbing Shoe

Cheap rock climbing shoes for women

These cheap rock climbing shoes are sleek and snug and are comfortable for even the toughest climbs. These are the perfect shoes for a beginning rock climber.  The unlined leather upper forms to the foot and fits like a glove.  This shoe has a high grip rubber sole that makes slips and skids less likely while still allowing one to move quickly and easily as she climbs a wall or a rocky bluff.  Many users swear that one will feel as if there are no shoes on the foot at all while climbing as they are so lightweight and fit so incredibly well. 

One need not give up quality in order to get a pair of good but cheap rock climbing shoes.  One also need not give up on safety or on comfort when choosing these durable and reliable cheap rock climbing shoes.