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Turntables have become a hot item in the repertoire of disk jockeys. They are used by hip hop DJs to experiment with their beats, coming up with original and interesting sound combinations. DJs who use turntables are known as turntablists, and they use techniques such as beat juggling or scratching to create interesting variations of original compositions by altering the beat or rhyme. While DJ turntable packages can cost a bundle, it is possible to find cheap turntables for sale by looking online and in specialty stores, where you can often get bargains on used turntables.

Audio Technica Automatic Belt Driven Turntable


Turntables usually use any of three main systems: an Idler wheel, a belt drive or a direct drive system that is used rotate the turntable. The Idler wheel was commonly used in the past, but the wheel would wear out easily. Belt drive turntables reduced the wear and tear by adding platter and motor isolation. In direct drive turntables, the platter is rotated without involving the gears, wheels or belts in the rotation. The use of turntables in hip hop began in the 1970s, when the DJ Grand Wizard Theodore accidentally discovered the scratching technique by putting his hand on a record as it was playing on a turntable. By moving the record back and forth, he was able to produce the scratching sound that is so familiar in club music these days. Other hip hop DJs, such as DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash also pioneered the use of turntables in hip hop by experimenting with innovative techniques. Today, DJ turntable packages are an integral part of any DJ's equipment. Modern DJs including Mr. Hahn of Linkin Park, DJ Spooky, DJ Shadow and others are continuing to break new ground in scratching methods using turntables.

Of course, turntables are not only used for making music today. Many people like their retro appeal, and prefer to have turntables to listen to their old vinyl records. Some people like to buy usb turntables that can be hooked up to a computer, which allows you to copy your old vinyl music to digital format. Thus, people looking for cheap turntables for sale may have a variety of reasons for doing so.

Where can you get cheap turntables for sale?


One of the main places to look for turntables for sale cheap is Ebay has a wide selection of DJ turntables for sale at bargain prices, including CD turntables, USB turntables, DJ turntable packages including brands like Technics, Pioneer, Ion and others. is another great place to cheap find turntables for sale. Often you can get a great price on used turntable equipment.


How to choose a turntable


Direct drive and belt drive turntables: Direct drive turntables have a quick-start system. By holding the platter still, you can put down the needle where you want and start playing quickly. This provides greater accuracy and reduces needle and record damage, as well as the noise due to the needle drop. However, direct drive turntables have very light platters, which can cause greater feedback. The speed can also be unstable, causing more "flutter". Exceptions are Technics turntables (SL100 and SL1200 series), which are relatively heavy, quiet and stable for direct drive systems. SL1200 turntables are the preferred choice of both club DJs and audiophiles because of their exceptional sound quality. With belt drive turntables, you have to put down the needle while the platter is still spinning. This requires greater skill or a smooth cueing mechanism, but provides more stability than direct drive systems. One disadvantage is that turntable belts can harden and stretch with age, so you will need to replace your turntable belts periodically.


Fully automatic, manual and auto-return turntables: Fully manual tonearms are the best choice for audiophiles. Fully automatic turntables are not a great choice. Auto-return tonearms are okay, although they can cause some wear.