One of three cheaper Belleair Beach homes on the market may be more desirable for many prospective buyers than the Hulk Hogan home on 130 Willadel Drive in Belleair, which is currently listed at $8,871,527 and which had recent media mileage when it was mentioned in stories of Hogan’s divorce agreement with his ex-wife Linda Bollea.

If this Belleair home gets sold, Hulk Hogan won’t pocket all the money. He’ll still share the proceeds with Linda as part of their divorce agreement, which has been costly to Hogan, according to reports. Aside from walking away with millions in cash, Linda also acquired 40-percent ownership in Hogan’s companies. The payoff, perhaps, was that Hogan does not owe his former wife any alimony.

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For this luxury home, which was displayed on TV via the wrestler’s family reality show Hulk Hogan Knows Best, the listing price was reduced 5 times from its original $25 million listing price in 2006, based on MLS records.  The first time it was reduced, it dropped by a sharp 44.4 percent.  The current price represents a staggering reduction of 64.5 percent from the original listing price.

Considering the luxurious amenities and waterfront and secure location of Hogan’s home and the amount of money spent to build the home, the price could be deemed a steal.  It has more than 17,000 square feet of living areas on over 1.5 acres that have lovely views of the water, the sky and the greens.  There’s a dock for boats, a boathouse with kitchen, and a pool overlooking the intracoastal waterway that leads out to the Gulf of Mexico.

However, if you admire the magnificence of the Hulk Hogan home but prefer a different kind of luxury, there are at least three Belleair Beach homes for sale that have a more desirable location – right on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  They’re also cheaper by several million dollars.

If you like Hogan’s pool that looks out into the water, these homes also look out into the open sea, into the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.  They give a sense of the open and free, yet they preserve privacy, serenity and security.

These three Belleair beach homes are all on the shores of the gulf, with their entry gates on Gulf Boulevard: a three-story eight-bedroom home listed at $6,195,000; a three-story six-bedroom home listed at $4,987,000; and a two-story four-bedroom home listed at $4,295,000. Just contact if you like to have more info on these homes for sale in Tampa or similar properties.

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