Many people who want cheaper electricity and how to reduce electricity bills have come to the right place.

In fact in the wake of deregulation for many power suppliers, people often wonder why their electricity bill hasn't gotten any cheaper.

Other people point the finger at themselves and even those who live in their home, whom they suspect are running up their electric. But the fact of the matter remains, often times high power bills from your company aren't even your fault. There are reasons why your electric bill is so high, and it may in fact be totally or mostly out of your control.

 High Electric Bills & Factors Out of Your Control

  1. Regulatory Polices – You may in fact live in state with no or little government regulation based on transmission and distribution. If you do live in an area with little government regulation, you have in fact be paying for it. Particularly if you have a choice in your electric supplier and you've chosen the higher costing one unknowingly or by default.

  2. Your Location – The fact is, where you impacts how much you pay in electric and sometimes substantially. Did you know the average monthly electric bill in Hawaii is more than $200 dollars according to the US Energy Information Administration? Hawaii is an isolated island with no pipe lines to bring down cheap energy costs. Their reliance on petroleum, which is a high cost energy material, results in a higher monthly bill for it's residents. Before you think about wanting to move to Hawaii, consider the cost to heat, cool and otherwise power your home.

  3. Type of Energy Used – Again, Hawaii uses petroleum. And states like New Mexico with the lowest average monthly electric bill, around $60 bucks a month. This is because New Mexico uses coal as their source of power. Coal is cheap and plentiful. And because it's cheap to source, it's cost to the consumer is lower too.

So How Do I Get Cheaper Electricity?:

  1. Get in Energy Saving Electric Programs: Often times your electric company will have programs that give you incentives and rebates for simply enrolling. The catch is you'll typically get a thermostat that the electric company may be able to control, ie cycle off, during peak times, which is usually the hottest days of the Summer.

  2. Buy Energy Saving Smart Appliances and Household Products– This is a no brainier. But did you know that energy saving windows offer tax rebates and pay for themselves in electric bill savings by the 3rd year of use.

  3. Correct Insulation Problems – Places like your attic should have about 12-15 inches on insulation. Anything less and your heat and cooling resources are headed right out of your roof and your units are working overtime and harder to cool and heat your home. This means your bill is high every month.

  4. Choose another Electric Supplier – If you live in a deregulated state, choose a cheaper supplier. You can typically get cheaper electric quotes from these alternative companies. Call your electric broker or agent to help find you lower electric company rates.

 Getting cheaper electricity and learning how to reduce electricity bills is a real possibility when you know where to look.