Those on a tight budget often want to explore the possibility of getting a cheaper sleep number bed alternative.  If you have looked into these quality air mattresses, you know that they are very expensive.   For this reason, many people look to find an off brand that’s a little less expensive.  This makes sense to anyone on a budget or those people who suffer from back problems, sleep apnea, and a host of sleeping disorders.  In some cases, a doctor will actually recommend and adjustable bed, with great back support.  Sleep number isn’t your only option.  In this article, I’d like to take a little time to explore some of the better options you’ll have as you look to save money, along with some ways to keep the price down if you decide to go with the original.


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Alternatives that are Cheaper

Dream Number:  A Dream Number bed is a great alternative to Select Comfort’s sleep number bed.  You’ll find the pricing to be more favorable for this air mattress.   The company boasts savings of almost $1,000, but that’s a somewhat inflated number.  You can, however, save near $500 with this alternative brand and that’s not bad at all.   Sleep Number beds are available in platinum and silver models, from high to low, so the comparison may not be completely accurate.  There are several dial up positions with this company, making it likely to work well for you, whether you’re looking for a twin, twin XL, full, queen, or even king size.  You can even choose memory foam or 100% natural latex foam.

Air Beds Unlimited:  The company offers a full five year warranty, which is pretty substantial.  In addition, the company claims their models are less likely to grow mold, something a few people have complained about with Select Comfort sleep number beds.  They offer a full 30 night sleep trial, so you can find out if the dial mattress works for you.  In addition, the company offers free shipping, saving the consumer about $100. 

Habitat Arise and Ascend:  This little-known company spends almost nothing on advertising, but seems to have favorable reviews.  You will save several hundreds of dollars, but don’t expect to save $1500 on your adjustable bed.  They are still somewhat expensive, when compared to traditional mattresses.  The company does seem to have a good following and a quality product.

Tempurpedic Mattresses:  You won’t have to worry about air leaks, but those with allergies could have issues.  It’s still a much cheaper alternative that many people looking to get a full night sleep might want to consider.  You’ll save a lot of money this way, although they aren’t adjustable where you can dial in your comfort, softness, or firmness.  It’s something that should be explored if you are looking to save some money and get good sleep.

Waterbeds:  You adjust the firmness by adding water, not air.  You won’t have air leaks, a common issue, but you could still have water leaks.  It’s just another option that you will want to explore and keep in mind as you look for alternatives to the Select Comfort sleep number beds.


Saving on your Purchase

If you have decided that you simply must get the original, or a knockoff, there are some great ways to save money and get one cheaper.  While the lowest price may not always represent the best value, you can often save money and get a good value at the same time.  Compare side by side when possible as you compare sleep number beds.  Online sites sometimes have sleep number bed for great deals on adjustable mattress alternatives.

Shopping Around:  You need to shop around to find the best deal.  You’ll soon discover that different sellers and manufacturers have different pricing.  You might even find some chain stores or furniture stores that carry these on hand, giving you a great chance to compare prices on all the different models out there and save some expensive shipping and handling charges.  In addition, it’s much easier to return them, since you won’t have to pay to have them shipped back to the manufacturer

Buying Used:  Why not?  Some people buy these, use them for a month or two and decide they just don’t like them.  This gives you a great opportunity to buy cheap one.  You’ll find you can save 50% for a good as new, used mattress.  Sanitize as desired and use the money you save, which could exceed $1000 – 1500 dollars quite easily, depending on what you buy and how much you pay for the used model.  Check classified ads, both online and off, along with auction sites to find the best bargain.

Rebates/Coupons/Discounts:  Select Comfort offers rebates and discounts from time to time.  This will allow you to save a great deal when you decide it’s time to buy.  Check around on the websites for all the companies to find out when or if they might be offering such deals, so you can take advantage of the coupons and rebates.  You could save $200 or more this way.

Compare Shipping:  This is often overlooked, but it’s part of the entire cost that should be considered.  Since shipping could cost $100 - $250, you really need to check it out carefully.   If you buy locally and not online, you might pay a little more for the unit, but once shipping is taken into account, it could actually be substantially cheaper.

Comparing Warranties:  For most makers, the best you are going to find is a five year warranty.  Most will be in the 1-3 range.  In general, a good warranty will give you an indication of a quality mattress.  If you buy a super cheap one, but it has no warranty coverage to speak of, you might have to replace it much sooner, making it much more expensive overall.  Take this carefully into consideration as you look into the different options out there.  There’s no sense in going throw the motions of comparison shopping all over again if it breaks down quickly and doesn’t last a long time.

There are some cheaper sleep number bed alternatives out there.

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