With the rising cost of both car and gasoline prices, every year many people still want to know the cheapest car on the market. 2013 is no different.

Let's face it, the economy isn't doing the best it can. And considering the average car price in 2012 according to J.D. Power and Associates is $28,013, most people are looking for deals.

But there aren’t any real surprises from last year.

The cheapest new car on the market for 2013 is the the Nissan Versa. (Yes, this is the same car manufacturer on a mission to bring revive the 2013-2014 Nissan Datsun for less than $5,000).

So, it really is no wonder that the Nissan stays ahead in maintaining once again the cheapest car on the market this coming model year.

The Cheapest Car in 2013 - Nissan Versa

This subcompact entry level car starts at $11,990, up from a couple hundred bucks for the previous year. The major changes in the Nissan Versa for this model year would have to be the gas mileage. For 2013, you get nearly 2 MPG more at 40 MPG. So if you’re wondering if you should just go for a prior year Nissan Versa or if it’s worth waiting and paying a little more for the 2013 model, the answer is you should probably go for the 2013, which is if saving on gas mileage, even at 2 MPG means something to you in this economy.

What Else does the Nissan Versa Have in the 2013 Model?

Well, besides improved gas mileage, the Nissan Versa sedan will also be available in a cool hatchback, which isn’t totally new because it was offered in the 2012 model.

But here are some of the other options you’ll get in this budget car:

  • Three Transmission choices: The Nissan Versa will have available to choose from three transmission types. They include: A five speed manual transmission, a four speed automatic and a CVT option. Of course, the four speed will take you completely out of the 40 MPG option, but for those consumers that don’t feel comfortable driving a manual transmission, there is an automatic available, of course with an up charge from the base price.
  • Standard Cruise Control on the S trim Option Plus More: That’s right on the CVT S trim; you get silver trim accents, four speaker stereo system and cruise control.
  • Back up Camera Safety Option:  What seems to be pretty surprising in an entry level car such as this Nissan Versa is the option for back up camera safety. Its available on the SL trim tech package.
  • Keyless Entry and More: In the SL model you can also get an option for a keyless entry system, a remote release for the trunk and an engine immobilizer. Engine immobilizers are revolutionizing car security. This option makes it virtually impossible for the car to be stolen unless it has the right key or token present. Only 7% of all cars fitted with engine immobilizers are stolen every year.

Other Cheap Cars for 2013 (The Honorable Mentions)

The Second Cheapest Car in 2013

If you’re curious about other cheap or inexpensive cars coming out in 2013, then you’re in the right place. Rounding out second place in this category is the Ford Fiesta starting at $13,200 with a manual transmission. All of the Fiesta models boast of 39 MPG. These cars for 2013 are also available in bright bold colors.  

What do you think about the cheapest car on the market in 2013 being the Nissan Versa? Are you surprised? Is this a car you’d even buy?