Finding the cheapest exercise mat, that works well and doesn't leave you with "road rash" is not too hard. 

Anyone who has used a cheaply made exercise mat, will know what I mean by "road rash", this is when the mat does not stay underneath you and you end up sliding along the floor without a mat for protection!

It all depends on what you are looking for in a mat.  You can get very thick ones, or you can get thin ones that still have some cushion and will stay where you put them (that is a big one for me). 

But you don't have to pay big bucks for a good quality mat.  I have found the Harbinger Durafoam mat to work well and is affordable, and in many cases under 20 dollars!

This mat works well because it is durable, stays put, and has a good cushioning effect for yoCheapest Exercise Mat - Harbinger Durafoam Matur body.  But it is also lightweight and rolls up no problem for coming and going to class.  It wipes clean and is perfect for anyone just starting to get into an exercise program.

Whether it is simply for stretching on, or yoga, or anything that gets you moving, then you should have a quality mat.  There is a large price range when it comes to any exercise equipment.  You can get an exercise machine mat to keep your machine still made out of high density foam, but may not be the best for you to do your stretches on, or you can get personal yoga mats in a huge range of sizes and colours and price ranges.

Harbinger 340100 Durafoam Exercise Mat

But if you are looking for the cheapest exercise mat that will still give you the support and quality you are looking for, then consider the Harbinger Durafoam mat.  These last a good long time, and you may want to get a few of them to keep in different rooms just in case the urge to stretch and exercise comes over you!

It also has a moisture resistant skin to it, which is great if you really get sweaty in those workouts.  The foam does not break down, and you are more likely to keep exercising if you are comfortable.  This is a 3/8 inch mat, and rolls very easily and is also lightweight enough to just keep in your car.

When doing any kind of floor exercise, you need to have a good mat that will not move.  I had one that simply skidded out from underneath me!.  Some people will try and use a towel, but this can be dangerous on a slippery surface.

Using a proper exercise mat, is a better way to exercise.  It will grip the floor even during your most difficult yoga poses!

If you are just starting out in the exercise field, and don't want to spend much money, finding the cheapest exercise mat around would most likely be found online at sites such as Amazon.

Exercise equipment stores can get expensive.  So, look around online and you can get into shape for very little money.