Cheapest Hotels in Miami : What You Should Know

Most people visiting Miami are often looking for cheap hotels or affordable hotels in which to stay. Not everyone can afford to pay over $100 per night for a hotel in Miami that is why most people will appreciate finding the cheapest hotels in Miami. More hotels will charge between $50 and $150. Some of these hotels will either have free wireless Internet connections; swimming pools and be located closer to major tourist attractions.

Finding an affordable vacation location in Miami will depend a lot on your budget. At times you might be fortunate to get cheap deals from major discount websites. This can work out well because you will be able to stay in a 3 to 4 star hotels for under $60 per night.

One of the affordable lodge in Miami for under $70 is Motel Bianco. The River Park Hotel & Suites Port of Miami is another one worth trying. The price can fluctuate depending on when you plan to visit. If you want a hotel that is closer to the Miami international Airport, the Airways Inn and Suites can give you what you want at of very reasonable price. You can pay as little as $55 per night.

If you want one of the affordable hotels in Miami with the swimming pool, Rodeway Inn Miami Airport and Motel Blu will give you everything you need for your short stay. Both are located very close to shops and restaurants and are near public transportation if you need a ride to downtown Miami.

Visiting Miami and staying in a cheap lodging is possible. If you will be staying only for a few days, there is no need to spend a lot on accommodation. The savings you make by staying in one of the discounted vacation accomodation in Miami can be put to good use by eating out at a restaurant or when visiting interesting attractions. For some people, paying over $100 for a hotel room is not expensive. That said ,not everyone can afford that and that is why Miami offers appropriate accommodation for a wide range of budgets.


Cheapest vacation accomodations in Las Vegas Nevada: Where Can You Find Them

Las Vegas is very popular but not always for the noblest of reasons. It is almost impossible to imagine that ordinary people actually live in Las Vegas. There is more to do than wasting your money when visiting this amazing city. You can find great attractions and some not too expensive hotels in Las Vegas. You will be surprised to know that you can stay in a really comfortable hotel without paying more than $50 per night. One of the reasons why this is possible is because most people visiting Las Vegas waste a lot more than the price they pay for accommodation. The idea is to get you there and then make you spend as much as possible.

What are the most affordable vacation accomodations in Las Vegas worth your time and money?

City Center Motel is located near Las Vegas Boulevard. The prices to pay for these hotels range from $50-$80 per night. Americas Best Value Inn in Las Vegas is a stone throw from the MGM grand hotel. You can get a double room for less than $50 with free internet access. Some of the cheapest lodge in Las Vegas will offer up to 80% discount but will hope you will spend more at the in-house machines.

Downtowner motel is affordable and is near the Entertainment district. On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel is comfortable, with swimming pool where a double room than can be as low as $45.

If you are the type in search of the not too expensive vacation accomodations in Las Vegas that is near the airport, the Motel 8 Las Vegas can offer you rooms with wi-fi and swimming pool for your relaxation at a competitive price of $55.

Your  experience in Las Vegas will not only depend on how cheap you pay per night but also on the hotel staff. Some more expensive hotels are not often worth it because they are so popular that you spend most of you time queuing for service. A lot of people have said that Las Vegas has become less service oriented and more about money and dealing with disgruntled employees. That said, you can still have a good time staying at one of the cheapest vacation accomodations in Las Vegas mentioned above.

Cheapest Hotels in Orlando Florida: Best Vacation Deals

If you are taking your children on holidays to Orlando Florida, you are already willing to spend money. No matter how good you are with managing your budget, there is always something that will not be planned for. That said, it is still possible to have a nice time in Orlando Florida without breaking the bank. It is possible to stay in one of the cheapest vacation accomodations in Orlando and still have a good time.

There is no doubt you will want to stay in one of the affordable hotels that are closer to the major tourist attractions in Orlando Florida. Most people will like to stay very close to Walt Disney World or be closer to the universal studios theme park. For a little over $50 you can stay at the Quality Inn & Suites at Universal Studios or at the Quality Suites.

The Ramada Orlando International Drive Lakefront is not the cheapest hotel in Orlando, however, if you choose the correct date, it is actually possible to stay in this lovely hotel for about $50 a night. That is why it is always a good idea to shop around when looking for affordable vacation accomodations. The Ramada Orlando international usually cost over $100 per night. As you can see booking during the weekdays can give you up to 50% discount on your stay.

Another cheap hotel worth giving a try is the one located very close to the international airport in Orlando Florida. The Days Inn Orlando Airport can cost as little as $45 per night depending on the room and time of booking. Another great thing about these hotels is that they are very convenient for those flying all flying out of Orlando. You also get free Wi-Fi Internet connection and cable TV for those who can't get enough of watching HBO.

Other hotels in the list of the cheapest hotels in Orlando are Quality Inn & and Suites, Days Inn Orlando (closer to Universal studios), Orlando Metropolitan Resort, Orlando Metropolitan Express and Baymont Inn and Suites. Most of these hotels offer the same sets of amenities like being closer to tourist attractions. During peak seasons the prizes for these normally cheap hotels can fluctuate. Nevertheless these are some of the cheapest hotels in Orlando Florida.

Cheapest Hotels in New York: Great Deals

New York probably has the highest number of hotels in all the states of the US. That is not surprising when you think about the population and all the many tourist attractions. Can you imagine the number of people visiting the statue of Liberty needing accommodation during their stay? Within this group of people, there are many that will be interested in finding the cheapest hotels in New York. It is also worth noting that you can find many lodging for families and couples with varying prices. Cheap hotels in New York will be anything under $120. That said, you will at times get what you pay for. Not everyone paying top price for a hotel room is also getting a great deal.

That is even worse because you expect good service and good amenities if you are going to pay good price for your room. At times, some people have been really disappointed with the attitude of some hotels’ staff members. Others have complained that the location of their hotel makes it less practical to get from one place to another. What are some of the cheapest hotels in New York worth your money?

If you can’t get enough of Chinese culture you can combine your visit to New York with staying at the Sun Bright Hotel that is located in Chinatown.

Broadway Hotel is near central park and public transportation. You can stay at this cheap hotel in Manhattan New York for $60 per night.

The Bowery House will offer you a double room for $65.

Hotel RiverSide Studios offers free cable Television for a little over $100 and it is located close to Central Park in Manhattan.

East Village Bed and Coffee can offer rooms from as low as $80 per night. That is cheap lodging considering what you might have to pay for other similar accommodation.

You might think getting one of the cheapest hotels in New York will mean having to share your bathroom. In some cases, you are not given a choice. You need to make sure you check at the reception or at the time of reservation that you will be getting a room with private bathroom. At times, paying a small supplement for this little pleasure can make you stay more comfortable.