By far the best place to buy a wide range of pet's medicine, including Revolution for Dogs, is online. The large online pet's medication outlets are massive organisations selling huge volumes of each product. So that means they can buy cheaply and sell at a good discount to you the pet owner.

So to buy cheap Revolution at prices well below those your local vet is likely to offer check out the large online pet med stores. But, do not buy from the first one you look at. Because these stores offer discounts when compared to the vet on the high street, many pet owners do not price check. They simply see a price a little below what their vet has quoted, and make the purchase.

Though you will save a little buying online like that, you will nowhere near maximise your savings. In order to achieve the best prices you need to try a few different sources. You may also consider whether you would prefer to buy without having to contact your vet for a prescription for the medication too.

But, if you are looking to buy the Cheapest Revolution for Dogs it is imperative that you price check. For this article we checked the price of a six months supply of Revolution flea and heartworm medicine. We looked at three leading and supposedly discount pets medicine outlets. The difference in price was pretty significant. By shopping around you could save on average another $12 to $15 on a six month supply of these flea drops (depending on the dosage and weight of your dog). Although the biggest names are generally a little cheaper than your vet, shopping around means you can achieve far more significant savings.

The cheapest source we found ship from Canada. At the moment they can dispatch Revolution without a prescription. This makes the whole purchase even more straightforward than it would be from any of the more expensive US based outlets.

The US government is putting pressure on overseas retailers not to provide this service so we do not know how long sales will be this easy but for now you can buy the Cheapest Revolution for Dogs without requiring a prescription at all.

Do not forget either, that pharmacies are continually changing their pricing structure. So if you found a cheap source for Revolution for your dog last time, do not assume they are still the cheapest this time around. We price check continually and change where we recommend purchases be made in line with the current sources of great value pet medicines.