Looking for the cheapest way to send flowers?  In this article I’ll discuss the various ways to send flowers and what you can expect to spend for each.  Sending flowers can be a great way to show you care about someone.  Whether for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or funerals sending flowers with a heartfelt message can mean a lot to the recipient.  But how to do it without breaking the bank?  Let’s break down some of the options.


For a lot of things that I purchase in life, I order them online.  The convenience factor is huge, and most of the time you can get something cheaper online than you can in the local store.  In the case of ordering flowers this is NOT the case!  The convenience factor is offset by a much higher price. 

When you think about it it makes sense.  Someone has to cut, arrange, package and deliver the flowers, and all that costs money.  Most of the big national flower providers such as 1-800-Flowers or FTD.com provide their services by contracting with local flower shops.

 So when you order flowers for your mother who lives in San Diego and you’re in New York City, a local florist in San Diego is actually the one completing the order.  These local businesses obviously need their cut, and so does FTD, so the price goes up for you.  Still, if you do not live near the person you’re sending flowers to this is your only option. 

To list some of the other providers for you: 1-800-Flowers, FTD, Teleflora and Kabloom are a few of the biggest ones.  Expect a nice bouquet of flowers in a simple vase from one of these companies to cost anywhere from $50 to $150 or more depending on what flowers you choose and when you’re sending them.

Local Store

Buying from a local florist is great.  I used to be scared to go to them because I was totally clueless about flowers and what the appropriate flower was for each occasion, etc.  But it’s really not a big deal.  It’s their job to know all of these things and they’re more than happy to help out a paying customer.

They can give you advice, and when you can actually see what the bouquet will look like once it’s sent you can be much more confident in the quality that you’re sending.  And, because you’re purchasing locally and cutting out the middlemen the local florist is almost always cheaper than ordering from one of the companies we discussed above.  Find a local shop and go check it out.  You can also often find good deals at your local supermarket, but without the advice of a florist.

Plus, when you hand deliver the flowers you get way more brownie points!  It just means that much more to the recipient if you deliver them personally.  When you buy locally, expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $100 or more if you really want to go crazy.


With either online ordering or local, know that prices go sky-high leading up to Valentine’s Day.  All florists know this is when they can make the majority of their money and that you have to pay whatever they’re asking.  It sucks, but that’s just the way it is.  A little trick to save some money but still have that personal touch if you live far away is to look up a local florist near the person you’re sending flowers to and call them up over the phone.  They can help you out, you cut out the middle man and it shows that you put in a little more effort than just clicking the order button online.  This option gives you the best of both, but if you’re truly just looking for the cheapest way to send flowers shopping locally is the only way to go.