Cheating on a Test

Cheating on tests is an easy thing when done right - it's only when you do it wrong that the negative effects hit you. However, cheating is only justifiable is certain situations, and should not be applied on every test you take. Also, if you get caught cheating, it can have great consequences for you in the future (not to mention how much it will ruin your chances of cheating in the future).

If done correctly, however, cheating on tests is easy to get away with, and can lead to some wonderful results.

Cheating on Tests is an Artform

Cheating is an art form - it can be performed with great skill and success, but also on a more amateur level, with substantially worse results. It is a skill one must develop and practice, just like everything else. But once perfected, it can be used to great effect in several areas of life, with great benefits and virtually zero chances of getting caught. Following are some of the best ways for cheating on tests.

The Best Ways to Cheat

So how do you go about actually cheating then? Well, there are many different ways in which one can cheat on tests. However, these 3 are the ones who have proven the most successful and beneficial.

#1: Bring Your Notes With You

Ah, the old classic - sneaking in notes on the test. This has been going on for as long as there have been tests, and the techniques in which to do it have improved a lot lately, and have become almost impossible to detect.

Nowadays, you can choose from an array of ways to do it, and are no longer bound to bring a written cheat sheet with you. Although that option is still available, it can now be done far more easily using technology.

The easiest way to bring your notes with you is to record them on your phone and play it up on repeat to yourself during the test. Although this is most easily done if you have long hair to conceal the earpiece, it can be done almost invisibly these days. All you have to do is buy an "invisible" Bluetooth earpiece, which can be found in many stores, and simply connect it wirelessly to your phone or mp3.

Or you could choose to do it the old fashioned way, and sneak in an actual note. There are tons of places to hide the note, both on you and on your stuff (for instance, in your calculator, on your water bottle, under your sleeve etc.)

#2: Teamwork Cheating

Teamwork cheating is one of the most fun ways to cheat on a test. It makes it so much more exciting as you have a partner with you, and opens up a lot of new doors for your cheating possibilities. And if you get caught, you're never in it alone. Examples of way to cheat with a partner include;

Sharing Your Answers - Even though neither of you will probably get a full score on a test (because let's face it, why else would you be reading this?), it's always better to combine your two heads and work together on tests. That way you can use each other's knowledge and take advantage of everything you know together.

This is most easily done by sitting next to each other and occasionally flashing your answers to one another. However, this is a rather dangerous method, and is easy to spot.

A far more safe option is this method:

Position yourself so that one of you is in the middle of the classroom, and the other sits at the back. As the test is nearly over, the one in the front goes to the bathroom, bringing with him a note where he has written down his answers. He then leaves the note in the bathroom, and then the other one gets it as he too goes to the bathroom once the other has returned.

Then the one in the back combines his answers with the ones on the note, and then writes down his own answers on a new note. The one in the back then finishes first and, on his way to hand in the test, drops the note discretely on his mate's desk as he passes it.

In this way, both students will have shared all their answers, without great risk of detection.

#3: Cheating In Advance

Perhaps the safest way to cheat is to be proactive - to do your cheating before the actual test. This will practically eliminate any risk of getting caught, and still provide a great result. This way of cheating can be done in several ways, for example:

Getting your hands on an earlier test - It's very common for teachers to reuse the same test year after year. Therefore, you should try to get your hands on the test from an earlier year from an older student. Then all you have to do is memorize the questions on the test and look up the answers.

Knowing what your teacher will most likely have on the test - teachers are lazy, and even if they don't reuse the same test, they will certainly use the same kind of questions. So even if you can't get your hands on an old test, you can always question the older students about what was on the test - chances are that the same questions will come up on your test as well.


Note of Caution

Cheating is often bad - both for you and for others. Even if you don't get caught, chances are you'll suffer for not learning what you were supposed to learn. The techniques in this article should only be applied for tests that don't matter at all (for instance on art history tests if you have no interest of ever using that subject)