With Tiger Woods constantly in the headlines, the question remains unanswered when it comes to stars of the media: Why do celebrities commit infidelity? Are they really that conceited to think their secrets wont be exposed, because frankly, it's just stupid.

Celebrities of any kind should be the first one's to know if they cheat on their spouse, it's going to come out! Regardless of who their with, or how much they trust the other person, it always 100% without a doubt gets into the public eye. So why do they keep doing it? Haven't they learned from their past predecessors that cheating+fame=ugly publicity? Bill Clinton was the freaking President, and he didn't seem to take it in consideration. Kobe Bryant lost most of his sponsors, Tom Brady upgraded to a supermodel, and some say JFK was assassinated for his infidelities. That's only naming a few, but all this doesn't seem to affect the ratio of pulled down zippers.

Who or what's to blame? The celebrity? The home wrecker? Sex addiction? The list goes on and on, and yet no one has the common sense to divorce, when things aren't working. The reason celebrities don't do that is fear of losing money in the divorce, but what they don't get is that their spouse is going to take them to the cleaners anyway for cheating. (Ahem….Tiger.) In the end, it's actually pretty painful to watch, because celebrities lose their spouse, sponsors, popularity, and money. Shame is cast greater upon them than an average Joe, and sometimes they never fully recover from their mistakes. Cheating must be a universal habit, even if you're famous, which kind of reminds us all that they are human after all; not God like characters that should be worshipped over. All of these questions will remain unanswered to drive us all crazy, until another celebrity goes into rehab, which unleashes a whole new set of questions. Isn't showbiz great?