Is he cheating on you? Do you suspect signs of infidelity in your marriage or relationship? Cheating mean seem to be dime dozen. According to a survey by a marriage counselor, one in 2.7 men will cheat on their spouse. Most will never even find out. Married affairs can be mutual in the relationship. Where women cheat as well. A cheating spouse can do it for numerous of reasons. Sometimes it's hard to literally pinpoint all of them. Sometimes it just comes down to never really loving someone the way they're suppose to be loved.

So why do men cheat? That's the answer many women would like to know. Although women are capable of cheating, men seem to be more capable of infidelity affairs. Simple answer seems to be sex. Sure, men love physical affection from a woman. However, that might be one of the most obviously reasons, but there's more reason to it than simply not controlling hormones. If two couples are married, they obviously can engage in physical affection.

Sometimes the physical relationship can lose its luster. A cheating spouse doesn't always come down to sexual affection. Because physical affection alone will not solve a marriage, or relationship. It's very important and needed in the relationship to keep it healthy. A healthy relationship comes down to physical affection, and emotional attachment. Each partner is human, and they have human needs which need to be fulfilled.

Men don't understand what they need out of a relationship. Men can be equivocal about relationship commitment both physically and emotionally. Some tend to stride to get more out of it physically than emotionally. Although men do need the emotional aspect of the relationship as well. So when the physical aspect of the relationship isn't enough, they then to stray for their partner. They try to look for the missing element of the relationship elsewhere, by doing so in a physical manner with someone else. This can be one of the main reasons why men can be more prone to cheating.

It makes it seem as if men are just driven more by their physical prowess. However, that's not true. Women just seem to be more in touch with their feelings and emotions. Men have feelings and emotions as well, but most aren't always in touch with them the way women are. This just explains the difference, without the morals involved in cheating affairs. This helps explain the difference and reasoning why men are more prone to cheating.

These reason alone doesn't distinguish why men cheat. Obviously morals plays a very big parts as well. There's never one reason why a person is capable of committing infidelity. Sometimes there's more than one reason why. I'm not sitting here passing judgment on those who have done it. Everyone can make a mistake and we're all human. Everyone can be confused and have a moment of weakness. It's wrong to do it, but that action alone doesn't define someone.

Cheating men and infidelity in relationships are sometimes hard to figure out. It can happen and be a completely mystery to you. There are ways to figure out if someone is capable of cheating on you. Simply doing so is being a good judge on their character. Personal behavior is important to learn and observe in your partner. Because personal behavior can result in good, or bad traits they're potentially capable of. Those who have poor values, lack honesty, integrity, lack leadership and beliefs, along with having self-seeking interests are definitely capable of cheating.

If you're trying to wrap your mind around why someone would cheat, think about those qualities. Those who think about themselves first, before others are prone to cheating. Cheating serves a self interest. Love serves someone else's interest, instead of theirs. Can you distinguish the difference your husband and boyfriend? Even a good person can commit infidelity. Circumstances, emotions, or substances can cause a person a moment of weakness and make a mistake they regret.

Only you can judge someone's action, and determine where it stands on the relationship. To figure out if your man is cheating can be done quite easily. Lack of emotional and physical affection are possible signs of infidelity. Never assume, only confront, or confirm their actions. Be strong, confident, and confront the infidelity in the relationship.