Nitto Legends is an online drag racing game. In this game, you adjust different elements of your vehicle, such as the booster, NOS fuel, engine and more to create a fast racing vehicle that will beat all other racers. There are several cheats possible to use with the game, which will change certain elements of the game, such as the gear ratios for the booster, which will make it possible for the booster to go faster. There are a few other cheats as well, such as to increase how much money you have or increase horsepower. 


Boost Ratio Cheat

Run the Nitto game.  Press “control,” “alt” and “delete” on your computer at the same time to open the task manager. Open the task manager and find the “artmoney” program. Select “artmoney” and open it. Look for the “boost” file. Find the 201 and the green button. Click the green button and find the number 16. Press control and m at the same time on the keyboard. Press the up arrow. Click on the 00 on the right side of the screen. Change the 00 to 11. Click “ok.” Open Nitto and use a stage four booster on your car. Change the ratios to .860, .701, 2.822 and .500. This will allow the boost to operate at maximum power during the game.


Money Cheat

Money is an important part of the game. If you lose races, you will quickly lose money and be unable to win races.. Use this cheat to get unlimited money. Race in the first cup race and win. Do not collect the trophy at the end of the race. Go to the highest cup and race in that race. Do not win the race, but lose instead. Every time you loose the race, you will get $1500 to use for purchasing new vehicle parts.


Horsepower Cheat

Open the game and uninstall the engine from the car and all other forced induction components. Sell these parts. Purchase all new forced induction parts and a new engine. Install the parts back inside the vehicle. This will replace the original horsepower of the engine and nearly double it about 80 percent of the time.


Boost Cheat

Follow the steps above to open the boost control. Open number 14 and change 00 to 01. Click “ok” to save. Open the game and use stock gauges and the turbo booster. This will help the booster run faster and more efficiently. Ensure you have enough fuel to run the car at this level of power.