There are some unbelievably great iPod docking stations out there these days. Remember the days of plugging in your iPod into your computer's usb port to make it charge and then using your computer's crappy speakers as your only sound source? Well, let me tell you something – those days are long gone. Now, you can get some amazing docking stations just for your iPod.

So, here is how it works. All you have to do is place your iPod vertically in the center of the docking station which looks like a stereo system or a boom box. Then, you can use the docking station as your at-home system. An iPod docking station is essentially just a set of speakers with a space to dock your iPod. Some of them come with remote controls that you can use to control your iPod's menu while it is docked. Then, you can listen to your favorite music on the iPod dock itself. How cool is that?

Another feature of an iPod docking station is simply the charging aspect. The whole point of a dock is to be able to charge your iPod on it. Now, you can get iPod docks that only replace your usb wire. These don't come with speakers or anything and their whole purpose is to simply charge your iPod. Then there are the other cooler systems that not only charge your IPod but also come with a set of beautiful and powerful speakers that are also ultra portable.

My favorite docking station is the Bose SoundDock. This thing is unbelievably powerful. To really get a sense of its power and crystal clear sound, you have to hear it to believe it. This is a phenomenal system that produces some of the most beautiful and astounding music you are ever going to hear. All the Bose systems are top of the line models and they have a price tag to match.

In the mid-range segment is the iLive Dock. This system has great sound and it also doubles as a charging station. It even has a built in radio and a CD player. It is much more affordable than the Bose systems and is probably made for the budget conscious young adult or college student. You may also want to consider the Jensen universal docking station. This machine looks like a space age console with awesome wireless speakers that can be placed anywhere in a room to get the best possible sound.

IPod charging and docking stations are sleek, modern and completely affordable. They make a wonderful addition to any home theatre system. So check them out.