Popular for centuries, golf's apparent simplicity makes it look easier than it really is. In reality, technique is only honed through constant practice. Don't sweat it if it takes you time to learn the game. Be patient. Golf can take a lifetime to master. Focus on your love for the game. You'll get better if you consider these 5 tips for beginning golfers.

  1. Take Professional Golf Lessons
    In addition to a set of clubs and a good pair of shoes, golf lessons can be one of the most valuable investments you ever make in the game. You'll learn important fundamentals early in the learning process, before you've had a chance to develop bad habits. It's easier to learn the correct form than forgetting bad habits. Start off on the right swing with the help of a professional.

  2. Try Golf Before Buying the Equipment
    A set of clubs can cost hundreds of collars, and then you have to pay country club dues. Golf takes investment, no doubt about it. Give it a try to see if it appeals to you before sinking in the money. Enjoy the sport before you fork over the cash. Any money that you might consider spending should first be on comfortable clothing that will be practical for playing in, like specially made golf shirts for women.

  3. Forget About the Par
    Use the suggested par to dispose of your chewing gum. Don't worry about it. Par is meant for people who are experienced with the game. Beginners should just try to do their best. Just proceed through the game fast enough that you aren't holding up other golfers. Give a hole a try, and then move on to the next one to give others a chance.

  4. Practice Makes Perfect
    Practice is the path that leads to an excellent game of golf. You'll need to work on improvement, especially when you are first starting out. Don't worry about it. Push through and do your best. As you learn the basics of the game, you'll get better. You'll improve the more you practice, so give it your best swing

  5. Watch Good Games of Golf
    Watch professional games closely. That could mean watching one on TV or visiting a professional game yourself. You'll learn by watching experienced golfers. Pay attention to their stance and swing.