I Thought Being Vegetarian Would Make Me Skinny!

Having a vegetarian diet and lifestyle often seems to equate to shedding lots of pounds. 

Well, it's true that switching to a vegetarian diet will result in better health overall.  But if you aren't careful, you can easily put on the pounds.  Here are some suggestions to help you, whether you're just starting out, or if you have a spare tire that won't go away.

Drink A Cup of Water First Thing In The Morning

I recommend adding a bit of lemon or lime.  You'll be filling yourself up, and decreasing hunger cravings.  Plus, we all tend to be a bit low on our water intake.

Avoid White Flour

White usually means processed food or simple sugar.  Pasta and French Bread are key culprits here.  I've known more than one vegetarian who has a soft spot for these two, and it translates to many calories!  If you can't avoid it altogether, work on cutting down on how much you eat, or how frequently you have it.  Try some alternatives, like whole grain pasta, and whole grain bread.

Cut Down On the Sweets

Sugar has a way of turning to fat really quickly.  If you're used to eating two donuts, cut it down to one.  If you're used to two cookies, cut it down to two.  Try to start subsituting bigger servings of candy to a small hard candy you can suck on.

Lose It!

I mean it quite literally.  LoseIt.Com is a great website.  If you have a smart phone of some type (I have an iPhone), you can download the Lose It app for free.  You have to be disciplined in entering the calories from each meal, but it really works.  I started at Christmas, and I'm down 7 lbs!


The amazing thing about exercise, I've noticed, is that it has a positive effect on my eating habits.  When I skip exercise for too much time, I become lazy with my food choices.  On the other hand, when I make exercising a habit, the mind-body connection kicks in, in a positive way.

Try just walking to the end of the block.  Then go halfway around the block.  Then go all the way around the block!  Enter yourself in your first 5K race.  Then try a half marathon.  Then sign up for a complete marathon.  Incorporate it with my favorite home fitness program, P90X, and you're reading my story!  And running a marathon was a distant glimmer in the back of my eye years ago.  But this year I'm going to make that dream a reality!  You can, too!

Get Three Buddies

There is something about having two or three other committed friends that are on the same weight loss journey with you.  In fact, when I was on the Lose It program through LoseIt.Com, I read that something like over 90% of people with 2 or 3 friends on the website ended up losing weight! 

I hope you find these vegetarian weight loss tips helpful.  It's what's been working for me!