You have your lease contract in front of you and your just about to sign on the dotted line, but its probably a good idea to look at the apartment details one final tome just to make sure you understand everything and its all in order. Although you may have discussed all the important details like the security deposit and the parking situation, there are a myriad apartment details that may create a disturbance for you. Here are some basics that you might want to look out for before you sign your lease.

Ask Away

Be sure and ask all the questions that you have own your mind about any rules or other issues that you can think of. They are in business to meet your needs, and getting all of your questions answered will provide a valuable service for you. So be sure and bring a pad and a piece of paper with you to take notes. That way you can go back to your pad instead of having to search throughout all the legal jargon in your lease.


One question all renters should ask about are the pet rules. Whether you already have a pet or your going to get one, you should be familiar with the weight limits and breed types. Additional security deposits and pet rent are very commonplace today. Also you will want to ask about pet sitting. What if a friend goes out of town and they need you to take care of their pet?

Interior Changes

Many renters like to be able to paint a wall or make some other cosmetic changes to the apartment interior. Sometimes the community will just ask that you bring the apartment home back to its previous condition. But what if you forget to? Will you have to pay a fee.


If you have an out of town guest, how long can they stay with you. Many apartments have rules regarding how long a guest can stay with you before they must be included on the lease. Be sure and ask this question if you have guests who have lengthy stays.