Symptoms for an arthritis sufferer depends on what type of arthritis the patient has. The symptoms usually start with a dull aching in their joints which can progress to intense pain. This can be agitated by movements of that joint.

Stiffness is always a part of the pain, they seem to just go together. This is what makes is so difficult to move around. There cases that are more severe where the inflammation which is in the joint may produce redness and swelling which you can see through the skin.

There may even be heat coming from the affected joint. It can even look deformed from the swelling. Watch for symptoms like these and be checked for arthritis.

There could also be other conditions that may have symptoms that are similar to arthritis. This could be Reynoud's Syndrome. This is also noted with swollen joints, especially in the fingers.

So, please notify your doctor and your natural arthritis programmer for a complete exam so he can give you an accurate diagnosis. Patients with arthritis have noticed that they are extremely tired for no reason at all.

Two of the most common symptoms of arthritis and malaise and fatigue. There can also be an unexplained fever or drop in weight. These are the most common symptoms that you will find in an arthritis sufferer.

There is another symptom that an arthritis patient may have. This is a cracking sound which is caused by air that gets trapped in the joint. This is always associated with pain in the joint, which will come after the creaking sound starts.

This is called 'crepitus' which describes the cracking sound. As some may believe, popping your knuckles or toe joints does not cause arthritis.

This is simply an old wives tale. It is not grinding a bone, just air. Arthritis symptoms are something you don't' want to ignore. Check with your doctor and check into Natural Arthritis treatments. These have been used over and over again to help with many arthritis sufferers.

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