Estimates, or project estimate documentation - is part of a project document for the construction financing and entering into contractual agreements. The total cost of any construction on the whole sum of the estimated value of individual objects, structures, buildings, works and costs are determined by calculations - estimates on volume of work and other project data, in accordance with applicable regulations, prices, rates and fees. The calculation cost of construction of roads, bridges as a whole isthe combined estimated construction costcalculation. Hence the development of construction documents is part of the project and determine the amount of funds needed for construction or reconstruction of buildings of the complex installations. And, above all, to calculate the estimates should have an idea about the structure and composition of the cost of capital investments, sources of construction financing. Understand the purpose of estimates in the construction. General definition of the estimated cost of capital construction: а) МДС, ФЕР, ТЕР,ГЭСН,ГСН. b) Direct and overhead costs. Planned savings. c) Pay the estimated rules. g) Maintenance of construction machines and mechanisms in the estimated rules. d) The materials, designs and products in the estimated rules. Additional work and expenses: sample calculations. Summarizes the calculation of the cost of construction Summarizes the calculation of the cost of construction (working draft) is a document defining the overall projected cost of building roads, bridges and other construction projects of industrial, residential, administrative and cultural amenities. Consolidated estimated calculation of the amount on Form № 1 Instructions SN 202-81 * in accordance with the established names of the heads of the main types of road construction works. Comprising the heads of the estimated combined value calculation result of the object estimates and estimates made in accordance with the names of objects and calculations of the project (working draft). The structure of the project (with two-stage design) are consolidated estimates, expense budget, the object and the local estimates, the estimates for the design and survey work, the working document - object and local budgets. The structure of the working draft (with a single-stage design) are consolidated estimates, expense budget, the object and the local estimates, the statement of the estimated cost of commercial products. The combined estimated calculations for two-stage design of the estimated construction cost to be determined, usually by aggregated regulations (USN, price lists, UPSS, etc.), the combined estimated calculations for single-stage design - on estimates and model projects, estimates made by the working drawings, using unit prices, tied to local conditions of construction. In summary the estimates for the construction of a duration of more than 4 years following years of construction must be provided by amendment, the change in the pricing factors. These amendments shall be in accordance with guidelines on methodology for the development of annual structural adjustments to the cost of construction. "Summarizes the calculation of the totals for the construction (road, bridge, etc.) regardless of the number of general contracting of construction and installation organizations. Estimated cost of works and costs for each of the general contractor has been drawn up in separate statements prepared in relation to a combined estimated calculation. To ensure the automated production of construction documents on the stage of project design and working drawings created unified estimate-normativpaya base, which is based on the new collections: ESN, OFFEE, the estimated prices of materials, designs, products, rates for equipment installation and other legal materials . As the basic input data are the prices, the estimated prices of materials, designs and products. The system consists of separate production lines design: subgrade, artificial structures (pipes, bridges), road pavement, road interchanges, projects, organization of work construction documents and other instruments developed under the working draft, draft and working documents.