Joseph Bulova, a 23-year-old Czech immigrant established Bulova Watch manufacturing company in New York in the year 1875; and became the market leaders in high quality and reasonably priced watches. Bulova watches have specially designed for some of its famous patrons like Charles Lindberg, Frank Lloyd Wright, and NASA and by collectibles. Before purchasing Bulova watches, one should consider few points, which are essential for a customer to keep in mind. Bulova watches are immensely popular and, therefore, the number of fake watches sold under the brand name Bulova is exceptionally high. The owner of the this timepiece should reaffirm its Authenticity before one makes an effort to put up for sale or auction.

*        An unbiased evaluation of the Bulova Watches done before buying this timepiece; is to check the dial of the watch with the help of a magnifying glass, the dial will always show the brand name “Bulova” stamped on it.

*        Furthermore, check the metal back cover; it will also show the brand name “Bulova “imprinted on it. In the late 40’s Bulova watches took an initiative to stamp series of code to display the manufacturing year. Below are the symbols indicating Bulova movements:


How to Check the Genuinity and Date Codes of Bulova Watches

Since 1948, Bulova has started using a secure date code for its timepieces. The code consisted of two characters; first part reveals the decade of the manufacture of that timepiece. The date codes for the year 1948 = A9 and 1949 = A9 and the rest of the date code shown in the table below:


How to Check the Genuinity and Date Codes of Bulova Watches(66809)

Verify the ornamental touches made on the Bulova watches. The fanciful swirls of the Art Nouveau and austere contemporary design of Art Deco had seen in many models, mainly on the models launched before 1960’s.

*        One can check authenticity of Bulova watches by taking it to a reliable jeweler, who can analyze it accurately or can talk to a company representative at 1-800-A-BULOVA. If the timepiece has an imprinted serial number, then the agent can verify. However, if the timepiece is extremely old and does not have a serial number, then the agent can guide to a reputable jeweler near to your place, who would be a reliable source to authenticate your Bulova watches.

*        Do some research on the internet or check the website of Bulova watches; and verify that the name of the collection mentioned in your watch matches with the collection mentioned in the website. Some of all time favorite collections are Accutron, Marine Star, Wittenauer, and Caravelle.