After your taxes have been filed for any given tax year, there is an easy way of tracking the status of the refund to see when the exact date is that you can expect your money.

1. There is an IRS website,, that is available to help all taxpayers. The site is designed to give out helpful and easy to use information.  No matter how someone chooses to file their taxes, this site can help to tell when the money is expected to show up.  The service is online every day and every hour of every week during the tax season.

2. For those who use E-file for their taxes, they will be able to track their refund status 72 hours after it is filed.  For those who take utilize the US postal mail, their money can be tracked approximately three to four weeks after mailing the return to the IRS.

3. To track the refund status, a person needs to be able to provide some information.  This information includes a SSN, filing status, and the dollar amount to be received.  These specific details have to be entered to track the status of the refund.

4. This website shows when the process is finished, if the process is still happening, or if something needs to be changed so that the process can be finished.

5. This site is a great resource because it is customized to the individual because of the personal information that is entered.  This allows for the specific questions anyone might need to be answered.

6. For those taxpayers that are visually impaired, there is also help on the site.  There is voice recognition software and even a Braille system when it is compatible with ones computer.

7. Also, to accommodate those taxpayers that do not have internet access, there is also a toll-free number that can be called for the same assistance that is available on the website.  This number is 800-829-1954.  All of the same personal information that is needed for the website will be needed by phone to track a refund status.

8. Another new thing is an application for smartphones.  This helps like the website and phone number.  This application is called IRS2GO and is availble for the Droid and the iPhone.

Hope these sources of tax return status information are helpful for you this tax season.