Sustainable growing

As many of the major green industry organizations meet in symposiums, expos and conventions at this time of year, groups like the Association of Garden Writers, the Association of Professional Landscapers and Landscape Contractor Groups are all finding the buzz word of the day is "Sustainablity".

So what exactly is sustainability, what makes a sustainable landscape, and how can sustainability be included into your own landscape?

  • Grow native plants and plants that are native to similar environments: Plant to match your garden area rather than trying to change your garden to accommodate your plants
  • Use water wisely. Add permeable paving for flat areas like driveways, patios and open areas. Use gray water for areas of the garden that do not support edible foods.
  • Store rain water in containers of build underground receptacles
  • Recycle materials like broken concrete, reuse fencing
  • Grow fruits and vegetables
  • Consider incorporating solar energy panels, low voltage, solar or LED lighting,
  • Add water-wise watering systems like drip irrigation, subsurface irrigation, low volume sprinkler heads.
  • Install Smart timers and regularly check for irrigation leaks
  • Be conscientious about waste, reuse and keep in mind your local, natural environment so you can keep in harmony with what will work most efficiently in your space

Making your landscape sustainable not only helps the ecology of the planet, but can reduce upkeep and maintenance, can help the economy by aiding in the development of new green technologies and is likely to make your life healthier and easier.