Have you ever wanted to make your cheerleading team and need some assistance? Here are some cheerleading tryout tips to help.

  1. Talk to the coach - Talk to the coach to get useful information like what they are looking for. It is also a way for you to introduce yourself to them.
  2. Dress appropriately - Make sure you look the part and you will be scored accordinly. Wear school colors, wear appropriate shoes, and take your jewelry out so that you don't get deducted any easy points.
  3. Be ethusiastic - You can make yourself stand out by hitting the crowd after each skill and making yourself heard during the cheers and chants. The judges will also give you a few extra points because you are trying, making yourself known, and are fun to watch.
  4. Smile - Smile as much as you can, even when you are stunting or finishing a tumbling pass. It could mean the difference between a good score and a perfect score.
  5. Take tumble classes prior to tryouts - Those that tumble always stand out at tryouts. Make suer you have some tumbling by taking tumbling classes months if not years prior to the tryouts. This will separate your score from the rest of the pack.
  6. Work your motions - You can easily work your motions from the comfort of your own home days before tryouts. Things like motion placement, sharpness, and execution are all the things that you need to be watching as you practice in front of a mirror.
  7. Practice your jumps prior- Work on your jump height and execution prior to the event. Your jump height can be improved by doing plyometrics which is jumping drills like jumping on and off a box. As far as execution, get someone to hold your waist and lift as you try to execute your jumps correctly. Also remember to stretch and run through your toe touch drills on the ground to improve your hip flexors.
  8. Stretch to increase your flexibility - Flexiblity will allow you to do pretty jumps and if you are a flyer will allow you to do some amazing stunts in the air. Stretch months in advance almost everyday so that you can hit the stunts required of you in tryouts.
  9. Watch the little things - Things like wrists bent, pointed toes, and no eye contact are easy things to do, yet so many people miss them.
  10. Always try something - Even if you don't have a skill like tumbling, then you should always try something. For instance you should try a forward roll. At least you might get a point or 2.
  11. Try something new and creative- If you have the ability to WOW the judges with something new and creative then do it. The judges will favor your score for this.
  12. Practice stunts - You can take stunt camps or run through the motions on the ground (flyers). Just make sure you have a certified spotter on hand for safety reasons.