What is it?

Who doesn't know?

Hot Pocket
Credit: http://www.hotpockets.com/images/products/large/HPOrigChickenandCheddarwithBroccoli6.12.08.jpg

This is my favorite flavor for 2013, I have been eating hot pockets since 2000

What is a hot pocket?

cheesy goodness

To put it quite simply Hot Pockets are heavenly but putting the jokes aside it is a frozen sandwich. Most people consider frozen foods unhealthy or at least the people I know. Hot pockets have been around since the 1970's, and they began mass production in the 1980's. The sandwich is simple, easy to cook and it resembles a calzone or a burrito. Most hot pockets have a tough crust but are juicy on the inside.

Why Chicken and Cheddar Broccoli?

It's awesome!

I've never had a hot pocket that tasted so good. I avoid junk food at all costs but I never could stay away from hot pockets.  The Chicken, Cheddar and Broccoli hot pockets have premium meat, real cheese, and the way the heat flows out after the first bite is so intense that it makes your mouth sweat. After the first bite your in for a treat from the seasonings, herbs, the crust, and vitamins , so just about everything in this sandwich is worth it. Sadly most of the grocery stores in my area have them and I may end up having to go online to order it, but it just goes to show you how good they are.

New comers

you've never had a hot pocket?

If you have never tried a hot pocket then I urge you to go and get one right now. . My favorite flavors are: Chicken, Cheddar and Brocolli, BBQ Chicken, and Meatballs and Mozerella. As far as I know, they are all still sold in stores. BBQ chicken used to be my favorite but it is difficult to find in my neighborhood so I had to search for other options. For first time hot pocket customers I would just suggest that you heat them in the oven because they taste much better that way, and they only take 20 minutes to cook. Enjoy!