Cheetah print makes a particularly and strong fashion statement when used accordingly. This print pattern has been around for quiet a while in the fashion world. The signature spots of a cheetah are really popular. Although it comes in and out of fashion, it never fades. It displays a bold and attention grabbing characteristic to anyone who sees it. Even big stars walking down the red carpet are constantly seen with a touch of this print pattern. So if you're up for something different than the usual, you might want to consider wearing something made of cheetah print fabric. It means standing out from the crowd.

Whether you are planning to add a dress, shirt or a pair of jeans to your collection, there are some things to consider. You need to picture yourself out with this kind of print. It is important that you do not overuse it. You have to look stylish and classy when wearing it. Do not do a cheetah shirt with a cheetah pants with a cheetah shoes, you will look trashy. Limit yourself to one or two items so you won't look like you've just returned from safari. It is a must to consider any factor that can affect your over all look.

On the other hand, if you're not brave enough to make such loud fashion statement, you can accessorize instead. If you think that it only comes in the traditional yellow/orange base, think again. It can actually be found in variety of colors such as pink cheetah print. This shows more of the feminine and fun side of the print. It can be found in other interesting shades as well. Every color tells a different story.

Items with this print are considered a staple in a fashionable wardrobe. A pair of cheetah print shoes, for instance, are a must-have item. They come in a wide variety of styles and may be all you need to make your desired statement. Even a simple cheetah print purse or handbag, scarf, bangle, or belt can give you the look that you want. You'll be surprised how you turn heads with just a splash of this print pattern.

If you still can't pull off the outfit, you can try it in your home or room. Cheetah print bedding is a great way to accessorize at a low cost. This print is commonly used in interior designing nowadays. It brings out the wild and fun atmosphere in your room since generally animal prints give an energetic ambiance. There are sheets, pillow cases and blankets that are all available in matching prints. There are many more items available that you can use in interior decorating, just make sure that you do not mix and match different kinds of animal prints. You need to stick to the theme! This goes for your outfit, or your decor.

Finally, although cheetah print can be classy and chic, it doesn't mean that it would work for everyone. Never for yourself to follow a trend if you don't' think that it will work for you especially when it doesn't feel right.