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A product review about the Chef Basket.

I purchased the Chef Basket in November 2010 and received it in March 2011.  The product was on back-order but the company did contact me to inform me of it and that was fine by me.

I've used the Chef Basket and most of what I saw on the commercial is true and feel the product is of good quality, makes boiling pasta, eggs, vegetables easy while not taking up any storage space.

I will start with the positive first.  I've used the product to boil fresh vegetables such as, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and large string beans.  All the vegetables stayed in the basket, cooked evenly and it was easy to grab the handles to pull the basket out of the boiling water.  I then pulled down the handles so the basket stayed straight and up as if it were a bowl.  The pictures show you how the handles keep the basket straight and up.  I then poured out the boiling water from the pot and then poured the vegetables back into the same pot and placed the pot on the table.  It was nice not having to take out an extra bowl to put the vegetables in and I had one less bowl to clean.  If you enjoy steamed vegetables here's a tip.  I use chicken or vegetable broth in place of using water and the flavor from the chicken and vegetable broth infuses into the fresh vegetables to give them even more flavor.  When steaming vegetables I don't place the vegetables directly into the broth, instead I let the basket hold above the broth so the vegetables steam instead of boil.

The basket works well when boiling pasta but it does not work well with all pastas.  When I  cooked rigatoni it worked great but when I cooked small pasta such as spaghetti or elbows slipped out of the basket because the holes are larger than the pasta.  Needless to say it got messy but I learned not to use it for elbow and spaghetti.

I've also used the basket to boil eggs and potatoes and it worked great.  When boiling the eggs it was so easy to grab the handles, lift up the basket and placed the basket of eggs into a bowl of cold water.  The eggs cooked perfectly and using the basket made it so easy to cook dozens of eggs.

There are many more foods you can cook using this product but the examples I share here are examples for what I use it for.  Any food you usually boil that is large enough not to fall through the holes will work great when using the Chef Basket.   I do recommend purchasing this product and if your tight for space the product does not take up any cabinet space at all.  The basket folds up to a flat circle and it can easily be slid into almost any space.

The pictures show how the Chef Basket stands up after pulling it out of boiling water or broth, how it's placed into a pot before closing it, in pot when closed and shows the little cabinet storage space the Chef Basket uses to store away.

Chef Basket Product ReviewCredit: Michelle Cesare's PhotographsChef Basket(79334)Credit: Michelle Cesare's PhotographsChef Basket(79331)Credit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

The Chef BasketChef Basket Product Review(79335)Credit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

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