Household Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths

In my opinion, this is a miracle cloth to use in so many situations in every household. They clean and dry almost everything in your home, car or caravan. No more harmful chemicals needed for cleaning. Your mirrors, windows and even your cutlery will shine like new when using these.

Lightweight, yet strong enough to soak up the water in an instant. No more streaks or smears left on dishes and great to use in the garage. I love how well these dry my dishes so much better than other normal tea towels. The way they soak up the water is incredible. 

Most of the people I have spoken to about these have the same opinion on their absorbance.  Everyone agrees that they feel funny when using them at first.  The manufacturers, designed them specifically to grip the particles of dirt when dusting.  Therefore, when using them you will notice they also seem to grab your skin.  Once you get used to this aspect, you will love the way they dry, clean and shine everything in your home or garage.

Photographic equipment

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning camera lenses as they absorb any oily substances without being abrasive or leaving any residue.

Allergic to detergents

These days too many people suffer from allergic reactions in many cases by using harmful detergents, causing skin problems.  Overuse of detergents and cleaning products is common, as people think they need stronger products to kill the germs and make the home more hygienic.

These same chemicals enter our waterways, rivers and end up in the ocean through drainage.  We have to change the way we clean our homes and cut the use of chemicals that will in time kill our environment.  If more people started using microfiber cloths to clean their homes, it would cut the amount of damage done to our atmosphere.


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Benefits of using microfiber cloths

  • Great absorbance
  • No need for chemicals
  • Lasting bright colors they wash up like new each time
  • Cleans dries and shines without streaks or smears
Sunland Microfiber Towel Ultra Compact Absorbent and Fast Drying Travel Sports Towels
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These are ideal for camping and traveling. No they are not thick fluffy towels, although they will dry you and your hair. Then hang and will dry quick.

I would suggest that you buy the biggest ones for best usage. Always read the reviews before buying online.

Tips for using microfiber cloths

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  • Use for dish washing -  ideal for washing dishes, cut to suitable hand size for best use.
  • Drying the dishes - How often have you spent money on buying tea towels, which do not dry the dishes leaving them smeary? Microfiber cloths dry without smears. Minimum size for tea towels is 70 cm x 40 cm larger if possible.
  • Dusting - Microfiber cloths work like a magnet collecting dust particles. Use dry for dusting and polishing. Dampen to remove marks on countertops and furniture. Then polish with a dry one.
  • Bathroom - Keep a microfiber cloth on hook in shower. Last person in after each shower wipes glass clean and dry. Your shower glass will stay clean if wiped each day. This helps reduce the build-up of mold forming in the damp corners.
  • Mirrors - Use damp for heavy streaks, then wipe with a dry one.
  • Clean bath and basin with wet cloth to remove body fat and hairs, then wipe with dry cloth.
  • Tip - Use a different color cloth for each room or type of cleaning. (Use one for dusting, one for cleaning, and another color for polishing.
  • Ideal to clean your spectacles.

Microfiber Towels

Meguiar's X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels (Pack of 3)
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Good quality Microfiber towels, use in the home on glass, furniture or to clean and shine your car.
Come in a pack of three, they are also pre-washed for more absorbency. Also have scratch free edges.

Use When Cleaning Car or Caravan

For years, we have used the chamois for cleaning and drying our car and caravan windows, now we use these microfiber cloths because they do a wonderful job absorbing more water than the chamois.  They can also be used for adding a shine to furniture, without too much energy.

Washing Microfiber clothsCredit: © TPhotos

Always use a net wash bag to wash your Microfiber cloths and avoid fluff particles from sticking to them.

Tips for washing microfiber cloths

Like all cleaning cloths, these need washing. Although, I suggest that you do not place them in the washing machine with any other types of clothes and laundry.  Instead place these in a nylon net wash bag to keep the fluff from other washing attaching to the microfiber cloths.

As I said earlier, microfiber cloths act like a magnet so they attract bits of fluff. They will lose their grips if clogged with dust particles.

Buying microfiber cloths

Always buy good quality thick microfiber cloths. Many of the ones available in dollar stores are too thin, therefore, will not work as good.

We found the best places to buy these for quality is the Auto shops.  

Beware of buying online as you can not see the quality or thickness of the cloths.

Safety: If made from polyester or carbohydrates some types of microfiber materials can release toxins or be flammable.


After using my thin microfiber cloths for two weeks now, I am getting used to the feel of them. Yes! I think they will be great to take in the caravan after all. Although I will still take a couple of thicker ones for sun baking on. I have found a different way of using these, in fact because of their absorbance I dab and rub more over my body.  You need a different action for drying, not like you do with a big towel.  Hope that helps.

If you have any more tips and ideas for using the microfiber cloth, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments to help others. 


Promar Fishing Mesh Dunk/Chum Bag 19''W x 23''L
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Keep your delicate undies or microfiber cloths separate from other fluffy clothes.
Or use them for storing items in separate lightweight bag