Chemical peels are solutions made up of acid that aggressively exfoliate your skin, peeling off the surface layer and all your imperfections. Once applied to the skin as a mask they begin a process on the upper most layer of skin dissolving dead skin cells, surface layers and the damaged tissue. The mask is peeled or washed off as the name suggests, revealing a controlled reaction much like a sunburn. This chemical induced sunburn like condition will begin to peel off usually after a few days to reveal the less flawed newer skin underneath. When fully healed, what remains is skin that is smoother, evenly balanced and free of the pre-treatment afflictions of blemishes and sun damage. Afterwards, it is important that you wear a high SPF to avoid possible sensitive reactions from the sun for a certain period.

Recently the chance to use chemical peels in the home was introduced. These can be purchased online and from certain outlets, using the same active acid ingredients as those in health centres. The types of acids used in the chemical peels vary depending on what strength is required for particular conditions. They range from light to mild to strong and are effective in treating many skin problems. Deep wrinkles, skin sagging and skin bulges are not suitable for chemical peels. It is best to seek advice from a professional if you suffer from any of these conditions since they're better treated by facelifts, skin fillers or laser surgery.

Light peels are more of a superficial treatment and aren't prone to heavy scabbing, an intensive healing process, or the complications that can arise such as bacterial infections from having a medium to deep peel. Lighter peels are less effective but it's recommended that beginners start with the lighter solutions and as they become accustomed to the peeling process gradually increase the strength.

Chemical peels are becoming a very common and effective procedure for skin disorders such as acne and scarring, premature wrinkles, unwanted age spots and melasma (dark spots that can appear during pregnancy), excessive freckles, skin damage and sometimes skin cancer lesions.

Your skin is regenerated and revitalised after chemical peels, resulting in a smoother texture, better more even skin tone, clearer and more youthful skin. It is a safe and effective treatment, which gives both physical and emotional benefits.