It's natural to get a little nervous when you are having some sort of surgery that is more severe than going to the dentist for a routine check up. Although, there are people who are still petrified of dentists so it just goes to show that the little shining needle is something that sends many of us into a state of fear.

Something like a chemical peel has been known to cause a few shivers down spines, but this is a procedure that is handled with the most extreme care, providing that you go to the right specialist and the right clinic. Going for the best deal is not going to do you the world of good unless you find out something about the person performing the process.

Chemical peels were popular in France in the 19th century and are still going strong. These peels moved across the seas to the United States in the 1920's and it just took off from there. You can now find one anywhere in the world. The face is not the only place where you will see a lot of difference in the texture. You can have the process performed anywhere on your skin to remove various spots and blemishes that you may have had enough of.

chemical peel

Chemical peels vary so you will find that the side effects of these peels will also differ, depending on a couple of factors like the strength and the time that the chemicals are staying on your skin. The sensitivity of your skin will also come into play.

You can buy a home kit or you can go to a specialist for a first class treatment, but this will all depend on what you want to have done. It could be that you are suffering from a certain medical condition and then you will need to seek the treatment of someone who knows what he or she is doing.

Here are three different types of chemical peels where you will be able to find what is right for you

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel

You would use this type of peel if you have more sensitive skin. It wouldn't be something that you would use to remove deep wrinkles or growths. This is basically something that will give you a smooth looking texture to your skin and an even looking complexion. It will unclog pores and get rid of any dead skin cells, which is what causes damaged skin.

 It will also get rid of any problems with blackheads. Besides that, it can also reduce age spots or freckles. Side effects are kept to a minimum because of the fact that the peel is really light so you may feel some redness, but not enough to keep you away from work. It is the Glycolic acid which contributes to the moisture that you get after you have this type of peel. Collagen is also formed during the process, which gives you that unique toned appearance.

Laser Chemical Peel

The laser has made huge improvements on the way you can look in many ways. Different colored lights will penetrate your skin, where there is damage. This could be wrinkles and fine lines or it could be some kind of skin condition like acne scars or skin growth. This can also work well for stretch marks and birth marks as well as other types of pigmentation.


Each little light will remove a very fine layer of the epidermis. You have to be a candidate to this type of therapy so you will have to go for an assessment beforehand because it actually depends on your skin type. Side effects vary, but you may come out feeling quite sore and red for a couple of days after. Most people find the tender spot is where the beam actually hits the skin, but like they say in the classics, no pain, no gain!

Deep Chemical Peel

Otherwise known as a TCA chemical peel (trichloarecetic acid), this type of peel is great to get down and be able to get to work in the layers where lighter peels can't, removing the outermost layers of the damaged skin. You will even find that deep wrinkles, scars and other unwanted lines can be put to the test and you will be looking like a million dollars again.

You will also be feeling on top of the world, now that your pores have been allowed to breathe again. Phenol is the ingredient that puts this peel at the top of its game. It is the strongest thing out there and this is what is needed to get the job done.

One thing to look out for is your skin type. You should have a consultation beforehand with the specialist because not all skin types can take this type of peel. If you have a darker toned skin, then it's best not to have this peel because you will probably end up with some pigmentation.

Most of the more severe side effects will take place with this particular peel because it is so strong. It really depends on the person, but on the whole you should not be looking into too many strenuous activities in the next couple of days. You will be back to normal in a week when new skin will come to the surface again. Don’t go into the sun before this. It won't take more than an hour to complete the whole process.