The famous online dating website has in the last few years been working for the last few years on another dating site called Chemistry dating. But this online facility sources the matchmaking on personality and science. It has been innovative unlike other matchmaking websites as it allows single people from all sexual orientations to join.

But why is the website revolutionary? Many dating professionals agree with Chemistry's point of view, that strong, important relationships are created by two very essential fundamentals; the pair having both compatibility and chemistry. The main problem is that most websites only deal with the first one. On the other hand, Chemistry's online dating matchmaking system which has been created from years of research long lasting relationships and human attraction has been formed so people can finally find both things. It has often been said that a lot of effort and time has been put into the successful dating system, as there are complex processes to speak to the personal matches found (First Meet Technology) and the specially selected questions for the user to answer.

One example of their exceptional approach is the Chemistry dating profile creation. Although there are typical questions asked in the text form with having multiple choice answers, there are also questions which are presented in picture form (i.e. what image looks the most colourful?) and even asked to solve a puzzle. People may also have to listen to a small clip and then answer with what you think is appropriate. It is obvious that Chemistry's matchmaking structure tries to find out every little detail about you. Hence, it is evident that the Chemistry speed dating service is honestly trying to find the perfect person suited to you.

Here are what I'd say are the pros and cons of the Dating website

Positive Features

  • It includes a free 14 day trial! There is no hassle of filling out complicated coupons or promotion codes.
  • Contains an incredibly detailed user profiling programme and found it to be very interesting. This was because the Chemistry dating service includes both the normal, boring multiple answer questions but also contains fun puzzles, sound clips and images which makes it a lot more fun to complete.
  • A unique way to handle online dating
  • Good use of technology; the website contains lots of
  • Single people can now use it in Canada

Negative Features

  • Single people who enjoy searching for others on dating website databases, the privilege is taken away on this website. For members, the only people they can see are the ones which are provided from the matching system created by Chemistry. The only profiles you are allowed to view are the ones that are given to you by the detailed matching system provided by Chemistry.
  • Only recommended for people who are serious about online dating. This is due to the fact that creating a Chemistry dating profile will take at least half an hour. But you can stop the personality test at any time and continue at a later point to complete it.