Chengdu is a city very good to travel and to relax. Don’t make the stay go rush, it is not like Beijing and Shanghai, you’d better slow your steps and take in the prosperous and peace of this city piece by piece, experiencing local people’s relaxation.

Wuhou Memorial Temple

Wuhou Memorial Temple(99467)

Chengdu, China, is regarded by China travel agency as a city you don’t wanna leave and a city of leisure making the time go slow. It is true. The food’s yummy and a lot of funs. Air so clean and girls pretty beautiful. You don’t even have to make a plan in advance because everything’s here so great, such as Wenshu Temple, Wuhou Memorial Temple, Kuan Zhai Lane and Pandas(I didn’t go there and plan to visit next time).

Wenshu Temple

Wenshu Temple(99468)

I lived near the Wenshu Temple when I stayed in Chengdu without a China tour guide. There’s a snack street nearby and the food was so delicious that I wanna to eat again. The surrounding environment was also pretty awesome. Here’s a top recommended area.

Then I took a taxi to Wuhou Memorial Temple, a temple in memorial of Zhuge Liang who was the Martial Marquis of Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period. Almost every Chinese people respect him and praise his talent.

Jinli Ancient Street

Jinli Ancient Street(99469)

Jinli Ancient Street is just next to Wuhou Memorial Temple and it doesn’t request admission fee. This is a street gathering the custom of Ba Shu Zone and Three Kingdoms Period. You can pick up some exquisite souvenirs here.

Kuan Zhai Lane

Kuan Zhai Lane(99470)

After that, you can walk to the Kuan Zhai Lane, not far away. Feel free to ask the local people if you don’t know how to get there when you travel to China. Local people are warm and helpful. It is really an enjoyment to chat over tea in Kuan Zhai Lane, which exactly is a reflection of leisure life of Chengdu people.

It need and must take about a whole day to go around below attractions. Make sure to go with ease not rush, you may find you are falling in love with this city gradually.