Cherry wood writing desks are great for any home office

When it comes to home office desks, it's amazing the wide variety you'll find that you have available to choose from.  Ranging from the specialty of design to the actual construction, you can find something that meets your specific needs.  The ultra modern desks with glass tops that are mostly for holding a laptop and giving some surface area aren't going to fall in line with what most people want, but any home office desk, computer desk, or old fashioned writing desk will have the increased character and functionality that many people are looking for.  Adding in a high class wood like cherry only further strengthens the look that many people are going for whether it's a corporate or home office.

Why do so many people love cherry wood furniture?

There are several reasons  that people and craftsmen alike absolutely love homemade furniture from cherry timber.  One of the major reasons is that cherry wood has an amazing reddish brown color or patina, and unlike many other darker woods cherry has the unusual distinction that it continues to get even darker and deeper in color with age.  This wood takes a stain very well, and over time even once made into furniture a dark cherry wood writing desk will over time become darker and darker.  Many people find this makes the desk just more and more beautiful over time.

While some individuals prefer light wood and some prefer darker timber, most people can agree that cherry wood is an excellent building material for any home furniture.  There is a lighter form of cherry timber, but even that one will darken over time.  The deep red is attractive to a wide range of customers and it's not hard to see why demand would remain high.  Cherry wood furniture does tend to be more expensive than most other woods, and outside of the exotics only mahogany might consistently cost a little bit more, but most people find that the value is well worth it.

Good handmade cherry wood writing desks are extremely popular because of the dark color, wonderful way it takes up stain, beautiful grain flow (some types of cherry will have more than one flow of grain, giving a very unique look to any piece of furniture it's used with), and the sheer number of pieces that are hand carved or extravagant gives upper class consumers options for fancy writing desks that will completely blow visitors away.

There are many different types of cherry writing desks. These pieces of furniture are extremely popular, and can vary widely. First of all, there is a big difference between cherry wood desks and cherry wood panel desks. The models that aren't panel will be heavier and more solid than a desk made from fiberboard or other cheaper materials that simply aren't built to last the way that wood is.  These options also give a wide variety in the budget area.  Cherry veneer, cherry with particle board, and cherry wood finish over cheaper timber are all options for people who absolutely love the look of a fine dark wood like cherry but can't afford the major price tag that comes with the real thing.

The look of a cherry writing desk really sticks out, and that is the most common difference that will be apparent right off the bat compared to other similar pieces of office furniture. In addition to having to measure all the pros and cons that come with both choices, there are also some desks that are designed for specialty use.   The way they are designed makes them ideal for different situations and office work set ups.  Some classic examples of this are computer desks, as well as corner or "L-shaped" models. While some are just standard office desks, there are also specialty niches.  L-shaped work better for corners and some of these are even referred to as cherry wood corner computer desks. This piece of office furniture is made from actual wood, designed to maximize space while still offering excellent aesthetic value that isn't always available from box store options.

Palladia Computer Desk Select Cherry Finish
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This is a beautiful cherry wood computer desk for your home office. A well designed and gorgeous designer desk, the cherry makes it all that more classy through and through.

As with any other type of office furniture, cherry desks come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. This means that when one person uses the term they might be thinking of a fancy rolltop letter writing desk that is more commonly used in the corner of dining rooms or the living room as opposed to an actual study or office.  This is good news for the consumer who loves variety and options but because of this, it can also be really challenging to nail down one specific type of desk or to draw too many generalizations about any specific cherry desk. But there are some basic questions you should ask yourself before purchasing any type office furniture whether it's based around the aesthetics of cherry wood or not.

  • Is this the best desk that fits my needs?
  • Is the price comparable to the value that you're getting?
  • Which pros are most important to me for any functional office desk?
  • Which cons are the biggest problem to me for any home office desk?
  • What type of budget am I looking for?
  • Even if I love the look of cherry wood, does it fit in with the rest of the furniture and overall look of my home office?

These are only six questions, but they are all very important in determining whether or not a particular type of cherry writing desk is right for you - or if there might be better options out there that fit your specific need.  Whatever you decide on, going through these steps will only make it more likely for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

Nice little video on building cherry desks