Cherub fountains are a classic pieces of decoration. The cherub fountain gives a traditional and royal look to your house and garden, and is often seen in upscale backyards, parks, or historic sites. Use angel and cherub statues and fountains to lend a serene or playful tone to the water garden.

Angel ornaments have had a place in the hearts of architechts, scupters, and gardeners for centuries. They are used to commemorate special people who have passed on. Angel statues not only give serenity to environment but they also represent a divine nature of the person who has passed.

 If it is a tribute to someone knowledgeable then you may choose an intellectual form of cherubs contemplating the secrets of the universe. If it is for someone cheerful then a playful cherub could be used. Happy, childlike cherubs have always been popular. Angelic cherubs may be dropping water from a bucket or playing pipes as the water streams through the instruments. The cherub is a reminder of childhood sweetness and innocence, the perfect addition to a playful pond or garden surrounded by brightly-colored flowers.

How to locate an Angel Statue for a Water Garden

An angel statue can be nestled in the center of flowers for a surprise glimpse of impish children enjoying nature. The statue can also be functional during some celebrations. Imagine colorful Easter eggs hidden around the statue, as if the little cherub was one of the children in search of the prizes.  

The fountain takes on a realistic look when the mechanisms for it are camouflaged. The surroundings for the fountain may be walled by a pool. The pipes can be arranged in such a way so that they are unseen, placed on the back of a cherub that adorns the wall. The tubing can be hidden in the form of an arrow the cherub is shooting or it can be mounted on a foundation upon which the creature is sitting.  This statuesque art can hold a central place in the landscape, either in the center of a water garden or next to the pond. This little cherub makes the green space more attractive. If one cherub is appealing, why not surround it with two companions? The effect will be a fantasy landscape populated by these little darlings.

Cherubs represent cheerfulness, playfulness, knowledge and heavenly wisdom. They have not only been the favorite subject of artists and sculptors for centuries, but they held an important role during the time of the Victorian age. Cherub fountains are classical and transform a garden from ordinary to extraordinary.

Cherub garden fountains are romantic symbols in almost any garden. Creating such a fantastic scenario would be the envy of your friends and neighborhood. You may also think of placing different flowers in the garden to create a theme or you may also give it some artistic effects with lights. You may create a scene perfect for a moonlit sky or a warm sunny day. You can change the foliage by seasons, so that during the winter you may use ferns and moss to give the garden a natural ambiance.

Taking good care of your fountain will keep it working for a long time while it also becomes a source of enjoyment for years to come. Every part of the fountain must be scrutinized for effectiveness and function. For instance, it is extremely important to make sure the appropriate concrete is purchased from an expert dealer. The wrong type may erode quickly, ruining your cherubic atmosphere. You may see many themes online and go to different websites to buy certain flowers which may be well-suited to the theme you select. The flowers may vary from hollyhocks, roses, foxgloves, tulips to California poppies. The correct maintenance is necessary to make your garden look beautiful for long time.