So you are in the market for a new freezer-unit, but with so many different types for sale how do you know which one to choose? The first question you need to ask yourself if whether you would prefer a chest freezer or an upright freezer.

Both have plus points, but they also have some negative points too. You have to consider running cost, space in the home, ease of use and storage capacity amongst other things all of which can help you determine which appliance is best suited to your needs.

Chest freezer-units

Chest freezers hold a massive amount of frozen foods making it an ideal choice for those with large families, those who bulk buy due to budget constraints or those who just like to ensure there is plenty of choice in the home. Chest freezers do take up a lot of space. They tend to have a large footprint and need several feet of clear space above them for the lifting of the lid. This means shelving behind the freezer-unit needs to be high up.

Another downside to a chest freezer is those who are shorter tend to have problems reaching in to the bottom to get food out as they have a shorter arm length. This can make them less convenient to use for many people.

Chest freezers are generally cheaper to buy than upright freezer-units per cubic foot and per cubic foot they hold more items. This is because upright freezers have compartments that only hold a certain amount of food. You can arrange a chest freezer to hold a larger quantity of food than an upright freezer-unit that is nominally the same size.

The top of a closed chest freezer also makes excellent extra workspace. This means that if space is tight it can be very useful. You must remember to clear the top before opening the lid though.

Upright Freezers

If you choose an upright freezer-unit you will find it saves a lot of space in your kitchen or utility room. They have a smaller footprint than a standard chest freezer which means they can fit into a smaller space making them ideal for those with smaller homes.

While tall upright freezers offer a good amount of storage space they are great for those who have a smaller family or live alone s they do not hold as much as a chest freezer-unit does. The compartments, usually in the form of drawers of varying depths, make them easy to keep organised. It is easy to see what you are running low of so you can restock during your next shopping trip.

Upright freezers come in a range of sizes from under counter freezer-units to tall ceiling high freezers. They are very reasonably priced as the market is becoming more competitive and if you are looking to save even more money you can shop around the sales and wait for discount offers at the larger appliance stores.

Fridge Freezers

You can also buy fridge freezer-unit combination units. If you are looking to save more space then you can buy a fridge freezer. These usually have the freezer-unit on the bottom and the fridge on the top and it only takes up the same floor space of the single freezer. You can buy fridge freezers that are tall and side by side but these tend to be more on the pricey side, take up a lot more floor space so no good in a smaller home, but they do look great in a  good sized kitchen.


Chest freezer-units may be desirable in terms of reducing your electricity bill, but in terms of usability they are a disaster and the upright freezer has other advantages, too like taking up less floor space. The upright type will suit most people better most of the time.