Chestertown, MD – a quaint town on the banks of the Chester River, tucked into the western coast of the eastern shore, Chestertown is a gem unto itself.  Hardly known, this little town harbors a small liberal arts college, founded in 1782 and bears the namesake of our first President, George Washington.  Washington College is a small school, a community of students, athletes, professors and modern day hippies.  Mix in some country boys and you have one of the nicest places on earth to go spend four years.

 Chestertown, MD College

A Quaint Town A Picturesque School:   As far as small towns go, you will have a hard time finding one more quaint and serenely beautiful than Chestertown, MD.  To go along with that, you will not find a college more picturesque than Washington College.  If you happen to be looking for a liberal arts college in Maryland, then look no further.  Washington College, succinctly referred to as WAC by its student body (which numbers only approximately 1,400) is a perfect mix of small town living and big time learning.  The architecture, ranging from revolutionary to modern colonial, features a red brick theme from building to building.  From 2008 to 2012 the college has invested heavily in its infrastructure, erecting $70 million in new facilities.  In a time where the overall market receded heavily, the Chestertown MD College expanded. 


Why Washington College:  Washington College is built for the student that prefers small class sizes and an intimate learning experience.  Expect your professors to know who you are, notice when you are absent and enjoy your input.  Expect a school that nurtures its students, expands their horizons and encourages activity.  If you are an athlete, Washington College is a Division III school.  Its athletic programs may not be on par with some of the larger Division III schools out there, they more than make up for it with quality of coaching and state of the art athletic facilities.  If you are interested in Greek life, the college houses 3 fraternities and 3 sororities.  Warning however, if you have collegiate expectations of bar hopping in a bustling town, you may want to find a bigger more mainstream college.  If you prefer a hometown bar scene where everybody knows one another, then this Chestertown, MD college is exactly where you want to be.  The Blue Bird is the perfect college bar, set within a five minute walk from campus. 


Like The Water?:  Chestertown Maryland is beautifully set on the edge of the Chester River.  Washington College takes full advantage of its close proximity to the water.  There are a number of classes offered by the college which incorporate the biology of the river into the learning.  Furthermore, Washington College offers sailing classes to students interested in learning.  There are a number of nice restaurants in town and near the water which you have to check out if you are in town, specifically the Imperial Hotel.  Great food, great ambiance and right on the main street.