Chevron Afghan

Crocheting afghans is a lot of fun, but can be very intimidating to novice crocheters. There are a lot of free afghan patterns available online, but many of them are very confusing to people who are new to the world of crochet. There are however many excellent and free afghan crochet patterns for new crocheters, and many of these patterns only use 1 or 2 types of stitches to keep it simple. One of the most popular beginner afghan patterns is the Chevron Afghan.

Chevron Afghan

The Chevron Afghan is one of the most popular styles for beginner crocheters, but the Chevron Afghan is also very popular with advanced stitchers. If you are new to crocheting the Chevron Afghan make look very intimidating and hard to crochet, but if you have someone show you the simple steps involved you will soon be churning out Chevron Afghans left and right.

Once you begin to get the simple steps memorized, your speed at crocheting this Chevron Afghan will increase rapidly. Once you finish your first Chevron Afghan you can select new colors, and make yet another Chevron Afghan. The multitude of colors available mean and unlimited choice of options when picking out the yarn colors for your Chevron Afghan.

Basic Crochet Stitch

If you are new to crocheting, I highly recommend that you read about the classic afghan stitch, which is used in beginner crochet patterns. This webpage will help you to understand the basic stitch used to make many Afghans.

Crochet Help for Beginners

One of the easiest ways that most people learn to crochet is to have someone show them how. As much as we can read about afghan crocheting, some of it may not make sense until we actually have a person show us how to do it. It is actually very simple, yet can seem overwhelming to many new crocheters.

YouTube Crochet Tips

If you need to have visualization of how to do a crochet stitch but do not have anyone to show you, then you can surf YouTube. YouTube has thousands upon thousands of free videos on crocheting. You can watch experienced crocheters on video and learn how to properly crochet.

Crocheting is Fun

Crocheting an afghan can seem very overwhelming and hard to new crocheters, but once you get the basic stitches down you will learn how simple it really is. Crocheting is a lot of fun; at least once you get past the initial stages of struggling to do the basic stitches. Image Credit: (Flickr/kpwerker)