Chevron was probably the go to print for 2012; especially if you love modern design. It is still really popular in 2013 and using it one curtain panels gives your room a fresh new look. I saw a lot of craft and DIY projects about painting or stenciling chevron curtains yourself. However, crisp lines are so important in this pattern and I never have the patience for it. Since this pattern was everywhere this year the challenge is to find ways to make it both unique and successful.

Blue Chevron Drapes for Windows

This is the one I would put in my living room!

Yellow Chevron Curtain Panels

I was surprised that this was one of the more popular colors this year. However, the white pattern ensures that it will still match almost any wall color. Really, if done successfully you won't need yellow anywhere else in your room. This was often the same mustard color that was popular in fashion. It’s one of those colors that makes a big impact but it's better in small doses. It would almost surely be a disaster as a wall color. However, when used on fabric it's bright and cheerful.

Although the pattern was pretty popular I didn't find as many options as I thought I would when I went shopping. This is probably why DIY verosions are so popular. If you can get the fabric it's not that difficult of a sewing project.

I do like the yellow just because gray walls were so common this year. While it's one of my favorite colors even I have to admit that it can be a little bit dreary. I thought that this color combination was just popular for kids’ rooms but it's even been in more modern living rooms and master bedrooms as well.

The ease of sewing also has to do with the lines of these drapes. You won’t find a lot of pleats or rod pockets here. It’s a modern style so it needs to be really plain which also won't mess up the clean zig zag appearance. Use clip rings or grommets to keep within the contemporary style that is needed here.

Chevron Print Fabric by the Yard

Some panels cost hundreds of dollars each. Make your own curtain panels and coordinate it with matching pillows in a different color.

Gray Chevron Curtains

This was probably the most popular style; and honestly it's my favorite. It will match any wall color however the unusual use of patterns and neutrals still makes a statement. I like it for wall colors that would otherwise look too sweet or feminine such as purple or turquoise. This graphic element keeps it from looking like a kid's room.

It may even be possible to use this in a shabby chic room if you have gray distressed furniture or lots of mercury glass. This is probably my favorite decorating style; but I don't have it in my home because it is too frilly and feminine. If I were to attempt it I would simply have to use a few more modern touches.

This pattern has the distinction of being bold enough that it looks really good when it is open. It wasn't just for contemporary or retro inspired rooms this year. It started out that way but soon became a part of more formal living spaces as well. Unless you're going with a neutral monochromatic piece I wouldn’t spend too much money on it though because the trend won't last forever.